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Who doesn’t love a good burger? I know I do, but I don’t like sacrificing near to a whole day’s worth of calories and consuming food that I know is not really good for me.

This burger is packed with flavor; in fact, it’s tastier than the traditional cheeseburger and it contains significantly fewer calories, saturated fat and sodium.

90% lean ground turkey mixed with half a Haas avocado provides healthy fat and juiciness
seasoned with salt, pepper, dried herbs, paprika and chipotle powder for punch

100 calorie whole grain English muffin toasted

topped with a thin slice of morel-leek jack cheese I found in the deli section of my supermarket and

caramelized onions + mushrooms

Ketchup has lots of sugar and sodium. This fresh tomato relish was made by pulsing a few grape tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, 1 basil leaf, and a splash of cider vinegar.

The burger was accompanied by a ear of corn that had been lightly rubbed with olive oil and dry seasonings, roasted in a high heat oven, then finished with lime zest and red + black cracked pepper (no butter).

Absolutely delicious, totally satisfying … and limited guilt.


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