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It’s October — and that means Halloween. And you know what Halloween means … nothing is quite like what it seems.

The Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge this month is to have some fun with the holiday. I decided to play a little virtual trick or treat. But it turned out more like a ‘trick and treat’.

I’m not one for gory, scary or buggy-looking food, especially since I’m the one that has to eat it — so I roasted and shredded spaghetti squash as a stand-in for pasta. No big deal, right? We’ve all tried it.

The ‘meatballs’ and vodka sauce were definitely treats. The spaghetti squash still runs a distant second to the real thing.

Nova_51October 01- 2014Halloween_spaghetti and meatballs
Instead of tomatoes, the vodka sauce was made by blending pimentos and roasted garlic with a little olive oil; then cooking it down with salt, red chili flakes, vodka, and a dash of sugar.

Nova_54October 01- 2014Halloween_spaghetti and meatballs

And, the faux meatballs rocked!

Cooked black rice, duxelle mushrooms and roasted chestnuts were mashed and mixed together with roasted garlic, parsley, beaten egg, moistened bread, parmesan, and dry seasonings. They were then formed and browned like a traditional meat-a-ball.

There was no missing the meat.

Nova_59October 01- 2014Halloween_spaghetti and meatballs

Finishing Touch: Grated parmesan cheese, freshly ground pepper and torn basil.

While it may trick the eyes (if you blink or are not nearsighted), part of it was also a treat. Anyway, I’m glad to have this blog to remember what I did because the faux meatballs are on the ‘to repeat’ list.

Double bubble, toil and trouble — I can’t wait to see what’s in everyone’s cauldrons this month. Round-up will be published here October 28.


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