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Trick or Treat: Meatballs + Spaghetti with Vodka Sauce for a Creative Culinary Crew Challenge

Nova_50October 01- 2014Halloween_spaghetti and meatballs-Edit

It’s October — and that means Halloween. And you know what Halloween means … nothing is quite like what it seems.

The Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge this month is to have some fun with the holiday. I decided to play a little virtual trick or treat. But it turned out more like a ‘trick and treat’. Continue reading Trick or Treat: Meatballs + Spaghetti with Vodka Sauce for a Creative Culinary Crew Challenge

Squash Putanesca Cruda, A Salad

I’ve been involved in a ‘top secret’ progressive dinner party called Kitchen Play. It’s been very hush-hush but now I’ve been freed to extend an invite to you. No need to bring a bottle of wine or chocolates to this dinner. It’s a virtual affair. A while back, our hostess, Casey from Tastestopping, invited six food bloggers to blindly sign up to create a course (yet assigned) spotlighting a secret ingredient from an unnamed sponsor. Intrigue. Suspense. “I’m in!”, I said. You know I love challenges. Continue reading Squash Putanesca Cruda, A Salad

Spaghetti Squash Paella Marinera

I’m going to start out by just saying…this is delicious! Like many of you, I’m always trying to find healthy alternatives to some traditional meals. I’ve done a lot of dishes replacing rice and pasta with the more nutritional spaghetti squash. It has less calories and less carbs and it works well because it takes on the flavors of the rest of the dish just as rice and pasta do. I treat it as a “starch”, substituting it as a base for the dish rather than as a side vegetable. Continue reading Spaghetti Squash Paella Marinera

1-2-3 Quick + Easy Vegetable Meals!

This one is so simple! And quick. It involves 2 products and little-to-no cooking. Spaghetti Squash is an interesting vegetable, especially when you pair it with something tasty like black beans. You can roast it in the oven or – equally satisfying and quicker – microwave it as I did this time. It takes less than 10 minutes and during that time you can open the can of beans. 🙂

Continue reading 1-2-3 Quick + Easy Vegetable Meals!