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Taste History Culinary Tours

What an adventure I had on Saturday … I was educated, inspired and satiated, all in my own neighborhood.

I’d been mildly aware of the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History but my antennae went up recently when I heard they were conducting cultural-historical-food tours in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach … which is where I live. Their trademark tagline is “There’s history in every bite.” And we got our fill of each! Continue reading Taste History Culinary Tours

Step Into The Living Room…It’s Oh-So-Civilized!

The Living Room at FAU* is as comfortable as your own. Oh, wait…it might be even better! Comfy lounge seating √, gourmet kitchen √, full bar with crystal glass service √, popcorn in porcelain trendy square bowls √, barista coffees √, desserts, including gelato √ and fun concession stand items.

And did I forget to mention it’s a movie theater showing art films? OMG, I loved it! And there could be one near you…that is if you live in Boca Raton, FL or  Portland, Oregon. Continue reading Step Into The Living Room…It’s Oh-So-Civilized!

Slow Food Brunch at the Oceanside Farmers’ Market

This post is especially for readers who are still experiencing cold temps and even snow…though it’s officially Spring. I feel your pain. I really do!

I hope this photologue warms you up for a spell and reminds you to ‘hang in there’…it has to let up soon!

[Conversely, here in Florida we already hit 90 degrees one day last week which I sure hope is an aberration.] Continue reading Slow Food Brunch at the Oceanside Farmers’ Market