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A Latin-Inspired Birthday Lunch Was the Answer to a Super Bowl Day Conflict

As you may know, in my family, we celebrate everyone’s birthday with a group dinner generally late Sunday afternoon of the birthday week. So, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a family text announcing I would host Gram’s (the family matriarch) and Julie’s (my d-in-l) birthdays on 2/2 at 5:00. Yikes … the push back was immediate. You think I said the world was coming to an end!

Not being a fan of football (or bad fried and cheesy food-fests), I didn’t realize there was something else scheduled for that day. We compromised and I moved the festivities up to lunch so ‘those who cared’ could be home or wherever for the big kick-off. Continue reading A Latin-Inspired Birthday Lunch Was the Answer to a Super Bowl Day Conflict

2-Bite Codfish Empanadas for Cocktails

Empanada from Spain and empanada from Latin and South America are similar in concept in that they are both filled-pastries. Where they differ is size. In Spain, empanada is made the size of a cookie sheet or large pizza pan and is meant to be apportioned out. South of the border, they’re made to be eaten individually. You wouldn’t want to share one!

Being half Spanish, I grew up eating the Spanish version…Empanada Gallega with a bacalao (codfish) filling. As an adult, living and traveling in NY, FL, PR and South America, I became very familiar with the handheld version usually filled with ground beef.

Here’s what happened when I melded the 2 traditions — the Spanish filling with the convenience fun of a bite-size treat.

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Culinary Tour 2010 • Argentina

I’m a lot like Argentina. We are both the product of Spanish and Italian immigrants and we both have a decidedly Latin vibe coursing through our beings. It’s no wonder I’m planning my third visit to Buenos Aires in October. There’s a natural affinity.

Buenos Aires is a large, beautiful and complex city. I could never do it justice here with a few lines or paragraphs so I decided to do something different for this stop on the tour.

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