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Imam Bayildi (Eggplant) from Turkey • A Culinary Tour Around the World

I’ve been to Turkey twice. It was both a taste and a tease — times 2!

Food was not an important factor during those brief visits so my personal knowledge of Turkish food comes from restaurants in New York and it’s similarity to Mid-Eastern countries, like Lebanon and Syria.

For this stop on our Culinary Tour, I’m sharing a few of my travel photos and a delicious vegetarian dish called Imam Bayildi.

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Sicilian Caponata Pasta

I was surprised to note that I hadn’t posted this dish before because it is definitely one of my favorites and I make it frequently. I call it Sicilian because it has ‘ingredient pairings’ that are often found in rustic Sicilian dishes, like mixing savory and salty with a trace of sweet and citrus. You definitely want to try this recipe…even if you don’t like the second ingredient. 🙂

So, take out the soundtrack to “The Godfather ” and get ready to eat a dish that just builds on flavor…layer after layer…right up to and through the Finishing Touch(es).  Questa pasta ha un sapore molto buona! Continue reading Sicilian Caponata Pasta