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This is a 3-component dish that comes together so easily and adds a little Asian flavor to your dinner table. 

With a few Asian staples in your pantry, you can change the flavor profile of any meal. I used Chinese black rice and dulse seaweed because I had them, but the same effect can be created without those ingredients. In fact, I can’t say that the black rice had any special taste. The key ingredients are mirin, sesame oil and red curry paste (all in small amounts).

I seasoned the snapper with olive oil and a drizzle of sesame oil and s+p. Then I brushed it with small amount of combined mirin, fish sauce and red curry paste which, respectively, gives it a little sweet, saltiness and heat.

The fish should be placed skin side down first in very hot pan. When skin browns and starts to curl, flip and cover for just a few minutes to cook through but not dry out.

Asparagus were roasted with a drizzle of sesame oil, s+p, and sesame seeds in a 400 degree oven for a short time which helps to keep crunch, especially if you use the pencil thin variety like these.

Rice was cooked separately and conventionally (except that I added dulse seaweed at the end).

Finishing Touch. A little acid created by making a simple vinaigrette of minced scallion and dandelion tossed with rice vinegar and red cili flakes (no oil), just makes it all go ‘pop’. Top with a couple of chow mein noodles for fun.


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