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Call it a ‘death row supper“, a ‘last supper‘ or, perhaps less harsh, your ‘favorite meal‘. That’s this month’s challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew.

I faced a dilemma because I’m not immediately taken back to a childhood meal as some people might be — or to my first, well, anything. And, I’m fickle. I have just too damn many food ‘loves’. 

I love pasta.

I love fish, especially fatty salmon and seafood like lobster and shrimp.

I love decadent delicacies like foie gras and caviar.

In the meat category, I like (and eat) it all but as far as “love”, I’d have to give that up to sausage (especially Italian with fennel or Spanish chorizo).

And, yet, I love all things fresh – like crisp salads with interesting ingredients and beautifully dressed.

I love veggies, raw or roasted with olive oil and seasoned.

I love anything cooked simply, especially Asian style if flavored with sesame oil and rice vinegar.

I love umami and the yin and yang of savory, sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

I love bread, especially a good quality artisinal variety that’s been toasted or grilled.

I love cheese, olives, nuts and all type accoutrements.

And I love them all even more if they’re paired with wine.

You see my problem?

The one thing I don’t love is a smorgasbord of mixed cuisines so I had to narrow it down to one. I chose Italian. And, if it was going to be my last meal, it was going to be 3-courses. Calories be damned!

*           *           *

The Last Supper in 3 Courses

First Course Antipasto

broccoli rabe and white bean puree crostini
grilled shrimp and roasted tomato
fresh mozzarella with basil and rosy goat cheese
fennel-tomato salad
fire-roasted baby artichokes
cerignola and oil-cured olives

with my current favorite white wine (a Verdejo from Spain)

Second Course 

Pasta with sausage and caponata (Sicilian style with raisins, capers, orange zest), topped with a dollop of ricotta, then finished with parmigiano reggiano, toasted pignoli nuts and red chili flakes.

red wine (a Spanish reserva)


Italian Regina “S” cookie — and, just for the hell of it, a shot of Sambuca with chocolate covered expresso beans to see me off.

*   *    *

The Aha! Moment

Originally I couldn’t decide between caponata or broccoli rabe for the pasta so I cooked them both. But, thankfully, because this was not actually my ‘last’ meal — and I couldn’t really eat it all in one sitting as shown  — I had leftovers.

So, the next day, I mixed some of the broccoli rabe with the pasta and caponata. Aha! I loved them together. Even better than individually. The broccoli rabe added a bitter note to the heat and sweet of the caponata.

Nova_3089April 11, 2015last supper 2

So … what would you have for your last meal? Does something immediately come to mind or would you have to  struggle like me?


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