Culinary-Tour_2In January 2009 I created the itinerary for a virtual Culinary Tour Around the World and invited other food bloggers to meet me along the way. We visited 13 countries in 13 weeks. We let our imaginations run wild and had a great time. At each stop, we raised that country’s flag, spoke a little of the language, learned about different cultures and recreated the cuisine of each destination in our respective kitchens. We even occasionally got costumed! Lastly, in the process, we collectively brought awareness to BloggerAid and its effort to help erase world famine through the World Food Programme. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the trip as much as we did. Why not relive it through the links provided? And come back soon for a new tour.

[Note: 2 posts per country, first is my initial visit and the second is the bloggers round-up.]

Norway (1)

Norway (2)

Poland (1)

Poland (2)

Germany (1)

Germany (2)

France (1)

France (2)

Portugal (1)

Portugal (2)

Romania (1)

Romania (2)

Ethiopia (1)

Ethiopia (2)

Russia (1)

Russia (2)

India (1)

India (2)

Mongolia (1)

Mongolia (2)

The Philippines (1)

The Philippines (2)

Peru (1)

Peru (2)

U.S.A. (1)

U.S.A. (2)

includes parting notes and event statistics

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