Stepping out of FOODalogue’s kitchen and showcasing food on the road in U.S. cities and abroad.

I ATE New York • Brighton Beach (Little Russia by the Sea)

I ATE New York • Financial District Food Tour

I ATE New York • Downtown Manhattan

I ATE New York • The Markets

I ATE Boston: Lobsters

I ATE Boston: Food Faves + Restaurants

I ATE Boston: Freedom of Speech

I ATE Boston: July 4th

I ATE San Francisco • Sights + Bites

I ATE San Francisco • Sights + Bites + Restaurant Reviews, 2010

I ATE Puerto Rico • Guavate (La Ruta de Los Lechones)

I ATE Puerto Rico • Pinoñes

I ATE Puerto Rico • Fajardo/San Juan

I ATE Puerto Rico • Dinner Party at Home

I ATE Jamaica

I ATE • Tarpon Springs/Tampa

I ATE • NY (2 Food Bloggers in a Tiny NY Kitchen)

I ATE • NY (Threading Polenta in Little Italy)

I ATE • South America (Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Rio de Janeiro)

I ATE • San Francisco 2010

I ATE • New York 2011 (Staten Island, The Bronx, Dobbs Ferry, Manhattan)

I ATE • Puerto Rico • Fine Dining in the Condado

I ATE • Tuscany

I ATE • Little Havana, Miami

I ATE • Delray and Boynton Beach

I ATE • Sarasota, FL

I ATE • Barcelona

I ATE • Quebec City

I ATE * New York, July 2012 

I ATE • Amsterdam, Lucerne, Zurich and The Rhine River

I ATE • July 4th weekend in NY

See also: Culinary Tour 2009, Culinary Tour South-of-the-Border 2010


6 thoughts on “Travel/I ATE

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  2. Hi Juana!
    I love it !!! What I most enjoy is your colors, and being able to review the photos of all the wonderful meals, I think I put on 2 lbs just looking and salivating!!!
    all I need is another place to shop for food…..but it will be fun some items I cannot find here in the wilderness of Pasco County.

    Very excited about it,


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