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Foto Challenges

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The 3 Challenges I’ve recently become involved with:

ONE: 365 – a photo per day posted in a set on flickr. I will also occasionally feature one of these daily photos on FOODalogue. So when you visit, look for the 365 photo in the sidebar on the right. [I'm trying to steer away from food in this challenge, but sometimes the subject is just too compelling!]

Day 27/365. The lazy moon still in the sky and reflected on the lake.

TWO: shutterboo hosts a weekly thematic challenge. Photos can be taken from one’s library (as was my first entry) or created for the challenge (the second). Here are mine to-date with a link to pool photos.

Theme: Reflection • Old architecture reflected in new. Santiago, Chile.

Theme: Shoe • Oh, what a night!

THREE: Ree Drummond’s (Pioneer Woman) is an admired photographer and I’ve got some nerve entering this challenge. However, the last theme was “green” and I thought I had an interesting photo. (pool photos)

Theme: Green • Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, FL

You’re invited to also see: Black + White Photos, Favorite Travel Scenes

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