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The Epicurean: A Hotel Dedicated to “The Good Life” with a Little Bit of Whimsy

Walking into the Epicurean lobby one gets an immediate sense of the attention to detail that went into the development of this unique property that tickles the palate, literally and figuratively.

It’s not your average reception area — wine racks are desks and the ceiling and walls were made with crates from Bern’s Steak House’s legendary wine collection. Although, you could just as likely be met curbside by a wandering host who will welcome you and check you in with an iPad. Continue Reading

Martin Codax Albariño Wine Dinner at Chef José Andres’ Bazaar: It’s a Double Olé!

Oh, what a night!

Imagine the premier white wine of Spain paired with 16 courses by Chef Jóse Andres in an uber trendy South Beach hotel … then mix in a dash of molecular gastronomy. Magic!

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Wine Tasting at the Versace Mansion and What It’s Like to Be a Food Blogger

In case you wondered what being a food and travel blogger is all about … well, it’s about a lot of work most days.

It’s about being plugged in and engaged from your first waking moment to lights out. Every day.

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Tis the Season: In the Trenches with the South Florida ‘Food + Wine Festival’ Scene

The past weekend South Florida was pulsing with multiple outdoor food and wine festivals, each having events that spanned several days. Chief among them was the Boca Raton Wine + Food Festival and the Flavors of Fort Lauderdale event. And, if that wasn’t enough, the same weekend there was a Delray Wine +Seafood Festival, Lake Park Seafood Festival and some Peruvian Culinary Festival in Miami.

What’s a gal to do? One can only eat and sip so much. Continue Reading

Parmesan Pasta Crackers with Creamy Zucca e Cavolfiore (pumpkin + cauliflower)

Hey, folks, it’s bargain day at FOODalogue. I created 4 recipes for this party dish, one for each layer. But each could stand alone and be used in a variety of ways. I encourage you to play around and have fun! I always do!

My original title for this post was “In the FOODalogue Test Kitchen”. Why? Well, it’s complicated…but  I’ll try to explain.

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Wine with Food…Dammit!

Not quite a revolt of the masses so to speak but Leila, a/k/a @flyingpigfoodie, started this sub-group of So FL Foodies after attending several wine tasting events where diverting attention from the wine, even to pair it with food(!), was frowned upon, seriously poo poo-ed :-(. I wasn’t there but I can just picture the group mantra came about with this lighthearted chant.

(we want) wine with food dammit! Continue Reading

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