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I ATE: Amsterdam, Lucerne and a Rhine River Cruise

As most readers know, I love to travel and I’ve had the good fortune to do so fairly extensively; however, northern Europe was never high on my travel bucket list. I seem to have preferred repeat visits to Mediterranean countries or warm weather climes … countries where the language was familiar to my ear, where I knew the food would tickle my palate and the wines would go down easy. But this trip changed my mind … forever. Continue reading I ATE: Amsterdam, Lucerne and a Rhine River Cruise

Barcelona: Mosaically

Barcelona is a fabulous city with much to offer the visitor. See how nice they are? They named a restaurant on their popular pedestrian La Rambla for me. 🙂

The city is, in fact, a wonderful mosaic of art, history, language, architecture, old/new, city/beach, culture and gastronomy.  So what better way to present my most recent trip than in photo mosaics (besides I couldn’t choose between all my photos).

Continue reading Barcelona: Mosaically