Reflections on Travel: Past and Future | Group and Solo

airboundI’ve been traveling since I was seventeen and, as much as it pains me to admit, that’s more than a few years ago. My first ‘grown up trip on a plane’ was  from NY to Miami, after that it was Puerto Rico (many times) and then international travel. At a time when people thought you couldn’t go to Europe unless you went for 3 weeks, my first trip was a Thanksgiving weekend in Madrid. I’ve never regretted it.

And, although I had been traveling for a while, it wasn’t until 2001 that I took my first ever ‘group package’ tour. My friend Carolyn and I joined a Globus group for a trip to Paris, Provence and Nice. Unfortunately, it was September 2001. Read More

Sicily on My Table

Nova_6388October 25, 2015Sicily on My Table

A few days after returning from Sicily, my suitcase had yet to be taken back to storage and my clothes while laundered were hidden away and awaiting their date with the ironing board. My priorities? Working on my trip photos and preparing a meal inspired by my culinary experiences. First things first. Read More

I ATE: Amsterdam, Lucerne and a Rhine River Cruise

As most readers know, I love to travel and I’ve had the good fortune to do so fairly extensively; however, northern Europe was never high on my travel bucket list. I seem to have preferred repeat visits to Mediterranean countries or warm weather climes … countries where the language was familiar to my ear, where I knew the food would tickle my palate and the wines would go down easy. But this trip changed my mind … forever. Read More

I ATE: New York (eats, streets and the World Trade Center Memorial)

Perhaps its because I lived most of my life in NYC, but when I visit now I seem to have a penchant for eating at restaurants that are either new, trendy, ethnic and/or funky-fun. Most of them seem to be in lower Manhattan which suits me well because that’s where I usually am. Read More