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Sicily on My Table

Nova_6388October 25, 2015Sicily on My Table

A few days after returning from Sicily, my suitcase had yet to be taken back to storage and my clothes while laundered were hidden away and awaiting their date with the ironing board. My priorities? Working on my trip photos and preparing a meal inspired by my culinary experiences. First things first. Continue Reading

I ATE: Amsterdam, Lucerne and a Rhine River Cruise

As most readers know, I love to travel and I’ve had the good fortune to do so fairly extensively; however, northern Europe was never high on my travel bucket list. I seem to have preferred repeat visits to Mediterranean countries or warm weather climes … countries where the language was familiar to my ear, where I knew the food would tickle my palate and the wines would go down easy. But this trip changed my mind … forever. Continue Reading

I ATE: New York (eats, streets and the World Trade Center Memorial)

Perhaps its because I lived most of my life in NYC, but when I visit now I seem to have a penchant for eating at restaurants that are either new, trendy, ethnic and/or funky-fun. Most of them seem to be in lower Manhattan which suits me well because that’s where I usually am. Continue Reading

I ATE: Quebec

Now that I’ve whined about my travel experience on my recent trip to Quebec City, I feel better so I’m happy to share some of the highlights; most importantly, a reunion of my travel gal pals.

Quebec is a lovely and picturesque city to visit but, with all due respect, there is a reason you don’t find Canadian restaurants in every corner of the world …  Continue Reading

Barcelona: Mosaically

Barcelona is a fabulous city with much to offer the visitor. See how nice they are? They named a restaurant on their popular pedestrian La Rambla for me. :)

The city is, in fact, a wonderful mosaic of art, history, language, architecture, old/new, city/beach, culture and gastronomy.  So what better way to present my most recent trip than in photo mosaics (besides I couldn’t choose between all my photos).

Continue Reading

A Taste of Tuscany

While returning to Montecatini from a trip to Pisa, I had time to reflect on my travels in Italy. I realized that over the years I’ve visited close to 25 cities — and about three-quarters of them more than once (Florence 3x, Rome 3x, Venice 2x, Montecatini 2x, Pisa 2x, Lucca 2x, etc.) You get the idea. Amazing, isn’t it? 

And, while I probably won’t go back again next year, I am in no way done with Italy. Continue Reading

I ATE•PR: Fine Dining at Pikayo and Varita + the Chef’s Secret Recipe for Chorizo Emulsion

If one picture is worth a 1000 words, this may be my ‘wordiest’ post ever!

Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice with Chipotle Mayo

Vacationing in a tropical place like Puerto Rico offers distinct and varied dining opportunities. I’ve written before about eating and mixing it up with the locals on their beautiful beaches or in the mountainous countryside and quaint towns…so I thought it was time to showcase the high-end resort side of dining in Puerto Rico, compliments of Chef Wilo Benet who has not one, but two, restaurants in the Conrad Condado Plaza Resort. I had the pleasure of enjoying tasting menus at each.

There are many things that set this Chef apart. He’s genuinely nice, almost renaissance-like in all his artistic endeavors, and he’s a top-notch chef who presents creative contemporary dishes with native roots. You’ll see what I mean. Continue Reading

My Long Affair with Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto (the island of enchantment), has had me under its spell my entire adult life. Although, like life, the trajectory of ‘our’ relationship has peaked and ebbed and taken a variety of turns over the years.

I thought I’d leave you with the story – in words and photos – as I board a plane for San Juan. Once again. Continue Reading

Out at Sea

Food -or- Travel. I don’t know which I love more. Probably ‘travel’ because you still get to eat and often it’s exotic or, at the very least, different. Even when I worked full-time in the canyons of corporate America, I found a way to travel 3-4X a year. Now that I don’t have to clear scheduling with anyone but myself…

Travel List for first 6 months of 2011:
February, Puerto Rico √
April, Orlando for blogging conference √
May, New York √
June, family vacation cruise to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama

I’m leaving a couple of tasty tidbits for readers, but may otherwise be incommunicado until I return. Hope the next week is smooth sailing for all of us!

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