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Savory Lobster & Corn Cheesecake with a Tequila Sauce

“Cooking with spirits” is this month’s Creative Cooking Crew challenge. No, we’re not cooking with Halloween ghosts or los diablos del Dia de los Muertos. It’s booze, folks, and a good time to look through my liquor cabinet and see what’s there. I hardly go into it these days as most visitors drink wine or beer.

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A Weekend in (and around) the FOODalogue Kitchen with a New Lens

Every time I opened my laptop this past week, I saw something Mexican. It whetted my appetite so I made my own little Cinco de Mayo party with what I had on hand. Continue Reading

Cauliflower Tex-Mex Pizza with No Flour

I must have been living under rock. When it metaphorically lifted, I discovered a lot of people in the foodie world were buzzing about cauliflower pizza crust.  Continue Reading

Mexican Turkey Fricassée

A little late for Cinco de Mayo, but ‘muy bueno’ nonetheless. Continue Reading

The Gift of Food • Week 1

I gave the gift of Food. And Love. And Time. Theirs. Mine.

It’s dinner delivery four nights a week (M-TH) for the month of April to a hard-working couple of newlyweds who arrive home really late from their jobs. It’s difficult for them to keep a healthy and versatile diet and impossible for them to have any discretionary free time after work. Continue Reading

Junk Food Goes Gourmet, Holy Mole: A 5 Star Culinary Makeover Challenge

The message announcing the new challenge said “take your favorite Junk Food … something you are addicted to, for example chips or fries … and use it in a gourmet dish!”

I panicked and replied “Yikes, I’ll have to find a bad habit in a hurry.” Continue Reading

Smash and Chop!

Hang onto your sombrero…today I’m taking you and my leftovers south-of-the-border. Once again, I offer 3 recipes that can be mixed, matched…and, yes, repurposed. Be sure to check out the ‘OMG, lick-the-spoon, lick-the-plate, I-can’t-wait-to-make-this-again’ sauce. Andalé!

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Veracruz Corn from Wisteria Lane

Cooking with ‘the oldies’, Wisteria Lane*, Veracruz Corn, a celebrity, New York, and FOODalogue…curious?

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MexicanTurkey Legs + Southern Greens

I’ve been carb-watching for the past couple of weeks. No pasta, rice, fruit or wine…and I’m not even grouchy. :) Imagine that. In fact, like Charlie, I’m WINNING (duh)!

I must say though it’s really shaken things up in the FOODalogue kitchen. Whereas before my meals were healthy and balanced (albeit whole grain + vegetable-heavy), nowadays I’m kissing up to protein. Surprisingly (or not), I’ve come up with some interesting new dishes. Here’s one. Continue Reading

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