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Sicily on My Table

Nova_6388October 25, 2015Sicily on My Table

A few days after returning from Sicily, my suitcase had yet to be taken back to storage and my clothes while laundered were hidden away and awaiting their date with the ironing board. My priorities? Working on my trip photos and preparing a meal inspired by my culinary experiences. First things first. Continue Reading

An Asian-Inspired Dinner Party or Anyone Can Cook Anything!

Yeah, that’s my take on cooking food outside your ethnicity. All it takes is knowing what you like, a few good seasoning agents*, a dash of confidence and access to google for recipes or to answer any last-minute questions. It may not be “authentic”, but it could (should) be tasty.

Continue Reading

Two Food Bloggers in the Kitchen

I love when friends visit, especially friends who share a love of food, cooking, blogging and photography. Continue Reading

Cooking with Color (just one): Crabmeat + Fennel Risotto with Stuffed Squid and Fennel Puree

Color has always been an important ingredient in the FOODalogue kitchen … lots of red, green, orange and purple on the plate because, you know, eating healthy is a colorful thing.

But, this month’s challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew was to “create a complete and cohesive dish with only one color”. I chose white because I wanted the multiple challenge of preparation, presentation, photography (<it wasn’t easy) and also to prove that all white food is not bad for you. Think fish, mushrooms, cannellini beans, white asparagus, cauliflower, and wine! Continue Reading

Creating Dinner Around a Tuscan Dish I Never Tasted – with no recipe!

Well, I mean, I’ve tasted variations of it but not the specific dish I’m talking about here.

Two years ago when my travel gal pals and I were in Tuscany, we had many memorable meals. Apparently, some more memorable than others. One such meal stuck in Maryann’s head because she hasn’t stopped talking about it. As she recalled, it was over-sized rigatoni stuffed with fish. I must have been at the other end of the table. I didn’t see it, I didn’t taste and I didn’t remember it.

When she mentioned it again recently, I thought “how difficult could it be?” And then I said,  “Come on over and I’ll make it“. Continue Reading

All-Red Skillet Pasta: Shrimp, Red Lentils, Spicy Tomatoes

I love lentils, especially red ones. They’re more delicate and visually better looking than their brown cousins – and they require less cooking time. I built this very delicious meal around a small container of leftover lentils. Continue Reading

Nom Nom Shrimp with Bok Choy Salad and Fried Noodles

‘Nom Nom’ is the popular term signifying the sound made when someone is eating or chewing something and really enjoying it.

Continue Reading

A Badly Fried Egg is Better than Swordfish Sausage

Swordfish sausage sounds so interesting. It looks so pretty. But does it pass the taste test? Continue Reading

Shrimp with Basil Pesto + Tomato Aioli: Wordless Wednesday

Rosemary-skewered grilled shrimp, basil pesto, dollop of tomato aioli*; finished with freshly ground black pepper and a little feta cheese.

*fresh tomatoes emulsified with olive oil and garlic.

 You didn’t think I was going to eat this without pasta, did you?

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