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The New BLT Sandwich: It’s not what you think! A Creative Cooking Crew Challenge

“Build a sandwich around 3 ingredients that start with the letters B.L.T.” that was the directive for this month’s challenge. And you know we’re not talking bacon, lettuce and tomato! Continue Reading

A meaty, greasy, tasty Frita (Cuban burger) goes Vegan. Será posible?

“Choose one of your favorite rich, heavy, fatty animal-protein-based meals and give it a healthy VEGAN spin.” That was the challenge.  Continue Reading

This One is About the Sauce! Casserole Chicken with Onions and Olives

I started out to make a chicken dish that one of my aunt’s made when I was a child. I sort of recalled it was alternating layers of chicken and onions cooked in vinegar. I didn’t quite achieve the goal, but I stumbled on a killer sauce. Continue Reading

Chimichurri Calamari and Polenta: Quick and Easy!

Looking for something quick and different? This dish may be  for you. All 3 components take no more than a couple of moments each so you can literally have dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes! Continue Reading

Crab-Stuffed Flounder, Yellow Tomato Saffron Sauce + Black Spaghetti

Yeah, I know. Crab-stuffed flounder has been done for time immemorial, but not here. And … in typical FOODalogue fashion, it veers slightly offtrack with a decidedly Italian flair.

While protein is usually the star of most meals, this dish is equally about the accompaniments and I must admit … the sauce was killer! Continue Reading

Souvlaki Cups with Horitaki Salsa and 3 Tzatziki Sauces: A Greek Meze Makeover

Who would mess with the gods? With the dining table of the cradle of civilization?

Well, that would be the 5 Star Foodie Makeover Cooking Group. This month we’re challenged to put our spin on an item for a traditional meze table.  Continue Reading

Braised Pork Chops and Fennel with Sambuca Sauce

I hardly ever open my liquor cabinet anymore. There was a time when everyone drank mixed drinks and cordials (you can tell how long ago that was by the usage of that word). Yeah, I know ‘cocktails’ have made a comeback but, somewhere along the line, I became a wine purist (white, red or sparkling, but no hard liquor) — and most of my guests did too. Oh, there’s the occasional scotch drinker who visits, but that’s pretty much it.

So what to do with all that inventory? Continue Reading

A Delicious Meatball Dinner. What? No Pasta?

Nope! No pasta, and it wasn’t even needed. Continue Reading

Chicken, Cherries and Vermouth

I’m not a big fan of sauced dishes, generally preferring to keep flavors distinct and unmuddled. But, like everything else, there are exceptions. I totally ❤❤❤-ed this!

Continue Reading

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