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A Peek at Savor the Avenue 2015

As many friends and visitors to FOOdalogue know, I’ve attended this 7-year-old annual event in Delray Beach for the past 5 years — and each year, as soon as it ends, I start looking forward to the next.

One night, 1,100 people sitting down for dinner at 1,369 feet of table that stretches down the main street of Delray Beach (voted #1 fun town in America). This year 19 local restaurants participated, each creating a special 4-course menu (with welcome drink and wine pairings). They also compete for the best table decor. Continue Reading

Savor the Avenue: A Fabulous Annual Event in Delray Beach

16 restaurants … 1000 people … a mile-long dining table down the middle of an otherwise busy street … and another great evening! This was my 4th consecutive year attending Savor the Avenue  — and I’m already looking forward to next year! Continue Reading

The Epicurean: A Hotel Dedicated to “The Good Life” with a Little Bit of Whimsy

Walking into the Epicurean lobby one gets an immediate sense of the attention to detail that went into the development of this unique property that tickles the palate, literally and figuratively.

It’s not your average reception area — wine racks are desks and the ceiling and walls were made with crates from Bern’s Steak House’s legendary wine collection. Although, you could just as likely be met curbside by a wandering host who will welcome you and check you in with an iPad. Continue Reading

Kicking Off the Holidays with Lunch at the Beach and an Impromptu Dinner Party Featuring Squid Ink Pasta and Seafood

I just love “the holidays”, don’t you?  But, sometimes, things get a little hectic — like this week when I scheduled a holiday lunch at a beachfront restaurant on the same day I was supposed to meet 4 people for an early tapas dinner in a Spanish restaurant. Feeling sorry for me? Hah, I thought not. Continue Reading

South Beach in Bites | A Culinary and Scenic Tour

South Beach is figuratively much larger than its size. In fact, it’s geographically small — occupying the southern most point of Miami Beach — but it’s huge in the diversity of its people, architecture, and culture! Continue Reading

Still the Godfather of Nuevo Latino Cuisine: de Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean

I’ll admit it. I’m a fool for “Nuevo Latino” as witnessed by the many times I’ve dabbled in that category on this site.

In fact, a lot of my fearlessness and creativity in the kitchen was inspired a long time ago by a few chefs like Douglas Rodriguez. He’s the undisputed “Godfather of Nuevo Latino” and a member of the critically-acclaimed Mango Gang that revolutionized the Floribbean concept in the late eighties-early nineties.

Over the years, I’ve been to at least 4 of his restaurants (Yuca, Patria, OLA and this one), each multiple times — and his Nuevo Latino cookbook is one of the few cookbooks that survived my move from New York to Florida (and is still with me after 3 more moves in FL). It’s a treasure.

Yes, I’m fan. Let me show you why. Continue Reading

Savor-the-Avenue 2013: It’s Still Great!

You may remember all my photos and gushing about this event in 2011 and 2012. Well, I’m back to gush once again.

Savor-the-Avenue is an exciting annual foodie event. The main street of trendy Delray gets closed for about a mile while 1000 people dine al fresco on one never-ending table. But, although it’s one long communal table, each restaurant decorates their section and vies for the ‘best table’ award. Continue Reading

¡Bravo! to Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Delray Beach FL

How do you rate restaurants? What’s your criteria? I realized last night when I visited the newly-opened Ceviche that I have a 3-prong criteria*, specifically Atmosphere, Food, Beverages. Let me show you how this restaurant hits all the marks.

*It’s a given that cleanliness and service are paramount. Continue Reading

Redux: How I Got 3 Meals from a Chirashi Lunch Special

I stopped for lunch at Japango in Boca Raton. I was mildly aware of this strip mall restaurant which has been around for a while, but I’d never ventured in.

I wanted something light. I thought sushi would be perfect. It was, but in a way I never expected.

This was the meal that never ended! Continue Reading

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