Fried Anchovies (Acciughe Fritte)

Quick Peek. I was recently invited to my friend Gail’s house for a recipe testing. She volunteered to test 3 recipes from Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking (Fall 2011) by Pamela Sheldon Johns. She prepared Totani Ripieni (stuffed baby squid) and Polpo all’Elbana (octopus from Elba Island) before we arrived — and together we did this recipe which we all loved.The really surprising ingredient was the fresh sage leaf which was wrapped around the anchovies before double-dunking them in beaten egg with marjoram, salt + pepper and then into bread crumbs. They were fried and finished with capers and chopped black olives. [Use fresh unsalted or marinated anchovies.]

Calamari + Spinach Risotto w/Gremolata

With this post, I’m initiating a new series called “quick peeks”. It’s sort of the Cliff Notes of food blogging…a photo or two, abbreviated dialogue, and keywords to pique interest and perhaps inspire.Risotto, baby calamari and spinach cooked in an absolutely delicious broth made from mirepoix, white wine, lemon, red chili flakes, garlic, capers, green olives, evoo.
Topped with gremolata of fresh parsley, lemon rind, minced garlic.

I bought this pretty spoon in the airport in Brazil. As soon as I saw it, the food blogger in me kicked in and I said to myself...the perfect bite. You’ll probably see it again as I seek out the perfect bite.