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Step Into The Living Room…It’s Oh-So-Civilized!

The Living Room at FAU* is as comfortable as your own. Oh, wait…it might be even better! Comfy lounge seating √, gourmet kitchen √, full bar with crystal glass service √, popcorn in porcelain trendy square bowls √, barista coffees √, desserts, including gelato √ and fun concession stand items.

And did I forget to mention it’s a movie theater showing art films? OMG, I loved it! And there could be one near you…that is if you live in Boca Raton, FL or  Portland, Oregon. Continue reading Step Into The Living Room…It’s Oh-So-Civilized!

Cannellini Bean Spread on Rustic Toast

I started pureeing white beans (and black beans) a while back and have featured them many times on these pages. Often they are the pillow on which a piece of meat or fish rests. In that application, they do double duty…they’re a tasty legume and they’re a silky sauce.

After I did it the first time, I was hooked. Think about it…it’s much more attractive and satisfying than a scoop of beans on your plate. 🙂

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Through My Lens

These days I do not leave the house without my camera because I’ve become involved in the world of photo challenges. What are photo challenges? They’re personal challenges in a public forum based on a group theme. No reward/prize...