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3 BBQ Side-Dish Kabobs, Mother’s Day and a Creative Cooking Crew Challenge | Crunchy Plantains on a Stick

The Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge for May — what are you bringing to the BBQ? -- was announced about the same time my nephew and his wife said they would be hosting a Mother’s Day barbecue. They’d do the meats and everyone else could bring accompaniments. Perfect timing.

When you’re a cook, it doesn’t matter if it’s Mother’s Day — you still cook. And, because I enjoy cooking, the challenge and, definitely, eating, I couldn’t bring just one thing.

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Fiesta de “Tres de Mayo”

I invited two friends for dinner Saturday night and, based on what I had on-hand, planned to make Italian fried shrimp and spaghetti with no-cook tomato sauce. But, Saturday morning, I changed my mind and went in a totally different direction. The no-cook tomato sauce became salsa, the spaghetti was opted out for black rice … and, with a few other additions, we were headed south-of-the-border just in time to celebrate Tres de Mayo. What? You never heard of Tres de Mayo? Continue Reading

A Latin-Inspired Birthday Lunch Was the Answer to a Super Bowl Day Conflict

As you may know, in my family, we celebrate everyone’s birthday with a group dinner generally late Sunday afternoon of the birthday week. So, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a family text announcing I would host Gram’s (the family matriarch) and Julie’s (my d-in-l) birthdays on 2/2 at 5:00. Yikes … the push back was immediate. You think I said the world was coming to an end!

Not being a fan of football (or bad fried and cheesy food-fests), I didn’t realize there was something else scheduled for that day. We compromised and I moved the festivities up to lunch so ‘those who cared’ could be home or wherever for the big kick-off. Continue Reading

Warm Lentil and Artichoke Salad with Parmesan Celery — and Questions

If you like lentils (I love!) and if you enjoy vegetarian meals, this probably looks good to you.

It was — and it wasn’t. Continue Reading

Acorn Squash with Pickled Raisins

This would make a great side dish for your Thanksgiving table. I served it with turkey’s little step-sister, chicken — so I can just imagine it with turkey, stuffing and all the fixings. Continue Reading

A Traditional Italian Dish

Guest posting is a natural phase of food blogging because that’s what the community is all about … sharing.

It’s an honor to be asked to imprint your work on someone’s blog because it’s their way of saying “I like what you do and I’d like to introduce my readers to you.” By accepting the offer, it’s your way of saying “ditto, right back at ya“.

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Salmon and White Asparagus Soup with Caviar Floating Island

Sometimes when I get an idea, I can’t get it out of my head. I just have to do it. Like immediately! Continue Reading

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