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A Few Images from the Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL

Nova_158October 11- 2014Tampa_St. Pete

The Dali Museum and its grounds are a visual treat and the genius of Salvador Dali is mind-blowing. Continue Reading

A Weekend in (and around) the FOODalogue Kitchen with a New Lens

Every time I opened my laptop this past week, I saw something Mexican. It whetted my appetite so I made my own little Cinco de Mayo party with what I had on hand. Continue Reading

Photography: How Am I Doing?

As some of you may have gathered, I’ve been trying to spend a little more time behind the lens instead of in front of the stove these days.

Continue Reading

Sarasota, a City of Contrasts | Discovering Its Environs and Eats

It’s a 4-hour drive from where I live in South FL to the Sarasota area and I’m not much of a ‘road trip’ kind of gal. But, circumstances put me on the road to Sarasota twice in the last few months.

Continue Reading

I ATE • Little Havana, A Culinary Tour of Miami’s Cuban District

Miami is a mosaic of many jewels with wildly contrasting and colorful facets. There’s tropical Coconut Grove, urban Midtown, trendy South Beach, architecturally-beautiful Coral Gables, and Little Haiti to name just a few.

And, there’s Little Havana! Continue Reading

Fun in the Kitchen: Photos, Art, Whimsy!

I realized the other night that my kitchen is so reflective of my sense of humor and my lifestyle. This cartoon, which hangs on the side of my refrigerator, is decades old, yellowed with age … and, yet, it still makes me laugh. Continue Reading

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