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Trios: Tacos, Salsas, Toppings and Music|A Creative Cooking Crew Challenge

What do you think of when you hear “tacos”? The traditional street food from Mexico that was introduced to this country in the early 1900s? Your mother’s “ground beef-hard shell-jarred salsa” taco night? Taco Bell? Or, do you think of today’s tacos — those that have been diversified, fancified, and globalized as they make their way through every culture, cuisine and country?

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Kicking Off the Holidays with Lunch at the Beach and an Impromptu Dinner Party Featuring Squid Ink Pasta and Seafood

I just love “the holidays”, don’t you?  But, sometimes, things get a little hectic — like this week when I scheduled a holiday lunch at a beachfront restaurant on the same day I was supposed to meet 4 people for an early tapas dinner in a Spanish restaurant. Feeling sorry for me? Hah, I thought not. Continue Reading

“Bite and Sip” | A Thanksgiving Appetizer

“You’re invited to a Thanksgiving dinner party — bring an appetizer.” That was the theme for this month’s Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge.
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Family, Food, and a Colorful Potato Salad Recipe That Was Totally Upstaged by Everything Else!

In my family we celebrate birthdays BIG. Sometimes big is even x2, like Sunday when we celebrated both Cassie’s 17th and Aurora’s 21+.

‘Big’ is the operative word because (a) we’re a lot of people and (b) we always make big menus for our BIG appetites. Generally, the meal revolves around a food request from the birthday person. And then the family cooks get cooking!

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Tips on Hosting Stress-Free Dinner Parties (Large and Small)

I know most people who read blogs like FOODalogue or create boards on pinterest are really into entertaining and generally on the troll for new tips to make the effort stress-free so I thought I’d tell you about 2 dinner parties I hosted recently.

Last week I hosted a dinner party to celebrate 2 family members’ birthdays. It was joyous, over-the-top loud and a wee bit chaotic. That’s what happens when four generations of family (18 people) get together. Continue Reading

Christmas Scenes: Trees, Tables, Holiday Menus and a Tale of Traditions

Mary + Nick’s Tree, Boat Parade Party 2012

I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s postings on facebook the last few days with photos of families beside gaily decorated trees and enjoying holiday meals. It’s such a happy time of year. Full of traditions and memory-making moments.

Our season starts with the Boat Parade Party the first weekend in December and the festivities don’t end until my birthday early January. A month long of family celebrations … 6 weeks if you count Thanksgiving! And I do. Continue Reading

A Savory Cupcake: Rapini, White Bean Mousse + Spicy Tomato Bacon Jam

I was challenged to bring an ‘avant-garde side dish’ to the foodie potluck I wrote about earlier this week. And it had to serve 40 people! I knew I wanted to create something that would make a nice presentation, be easily portable, serve everyone individually…and, of course, be delicious. Greens + Beans came to mind because of the rhythmic sound. I envisioned a cupcake made of greens, the frosting would be white bean puree and the cherry on top — spicy tomato bacon jam. Layers of flavor! Continue Reading

Wine with Food…Dammit!

Not quite a revolt of the masses so to speak but Leila, a/k/a @flyingpigfoodie, started this sub-group of So FL Foodies after attending several wine tasting events where diverting attention from the wine, even to pair it with food(!), was frowned upon, seriously poo poo-ed :-(. I wasn’t there but I can just picture the group mantra came about with this lighthearted chant.

(we want) wine with food dammit! Continue Reading

Culinary Tour 2010 • Puerto Rico

I’ve got a real treat for you. We’re having dinner in a private home on this stop of the Culinary Tour. As you may know, I’ve spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico. It was definitely my playground when I lived in New York. Less so now that I live in FL, but I still manage an annual trip and a reunion with my friends. I was actually in Puerto Rico for a few days during the period between the Argentina and Brazil stops on the Culinary Tour. It was a very food-centric experience from the highs of the trendy El San Juan Hotel restaurants…to road stands in the mountains…to a dinner party in a private home which I present here.

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