Introductions: Food Bloggers, Jimmy’Z Kitchen, and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami

I can’t think of a better way to pass the time on a lazy, breezy, 80+ degree Saturday afternoon than to enjoy a leisurely 7-course tasting lunch with 3 passionate food bloggers in an exciting area of Miami. Come, let me introduce you to all. Read More

I ATE Puerto Rico, Part 3 • Fajardo + The El San Juan

This is the last in my 3-part series of I ATE Puerto Rico. Fajardo, located in the eastern region of the Island, is a mecca for recreational boating. It’s also the location of the long-established El Conquistador resort. But, for locals and foodies, it’s a great place to take a ride, walk around and stop for some seafood in one of the little outdoor cafes.

While this series focused mainly on roadside food, you should know there is another side to Puerto Rico. Touristy, glamourous, upscale and exciting. I’m going to end with a peek at nightlife at the El San Juan Hotel.

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I ATE Puerto Rico • Guavate (La Ruta de Los Lechones)

I promised after the Culinary Tour ended I’d give you a glimpse of some authentic “road food” I ate while I was in Puerto Rico in February. So, here we go. Fasten your seat belt – you’re in for an adventure!

First off, we go to Guavate, better known as La Ruta de Lechones (the home of roast pig). Guavate is located about an hour-and-a-half from San Juan high in the mountains and it’s a very popular Sunday afternoon destination for locals.

People spend the day eating, drinking, taking in some sun and dancing. It’s crazy, exciting, fun and delicious! I think the following photos will give you an idea.

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