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A Latin-Inspired Birthday Lunch Was the Answer to a Super Bowl Day Conflict

As you may know, in my family, we celebrate everyone’s birthday with a group dinner generally late Sunday afternoon of the birthday week. So, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a family text announcing I would host Gram’s (the family matriarch) and Julie’s (my d-in-l) birthdays on 2/2 at 5:00. Yikes … the push back was immediate. You think I said the world was coming to an end!

Not being a fan of football (or bad fried and cheesy food-fests), I didn’t realize there was something else scheduled for that day. We compromised and I moved the festivities up to lunch so ‘those who cared’ could be home or wherever for the big kick-off. Continue Reading

Sunday Family Lunch: A Different Kind of Paella, Step-by-Step

It’s no secret. Even occasional visitors to FOODalogue know that my ancestry has colored my life, especially in the kitchen.

I grew up in a Spanish-Italian household and I’ve traveled to Spain many times so, that is to say, I’m no stranger to paella. But … I never had one made with potatoes as the base.

Continue Reading

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Beet Pizzette

Although pizza is attributed to Queen Margherita of Italy, did you know it originated in Greece? See this history.

So, while the conventional granddaddy (or nonna) of pizza is Neopolitan and the war between New York and Chicago rages on over who has the best pizza … here, in the FOODalogue kitchen, it’s the fresh, less caloric, do-it-yourself ‘new school pizza’ (like this one) that reigns. Continue Reading

Delicious Brussels Sprouts and Chestnut Hash with Eggs and an Extra Treat!

You won’t miss the potatoes. In fact, like me, you may even prefer it this way. Continue Reading

Warm Codfish Salad with Avocado + Egg Yolk for Wordless Wednesday

Rich, briny, full of protein and unctuous healthy fats. See ingredients. Continue Reading

My New Favorite Summer Salad

This is more formula than recipe. No strict adherence required. It makes a great lunch, side dish or summer buffet item. Continue Reading

Building a Better Home-Made Deli Sandwich

I rarely eat ‘cold cuts’ (aka deli meat), but every once in a while… Continue Reading

What’s for Lunch? Warm Mozzarella Bruschetta with Sauteed Mushrooms

If you have bread (preferably a good quality Italian or artisanal variety) and some leftovers, you have lunch!

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