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Low Calorie Italian Gratin with Fennel, Leek, Zucchini + Potato

Although you won’t find any butter, cream or high-fat cheese in this dish, the flavor was not sacrificed. I made what I think are wise choices…there’s only one potato (the rest is vegetables) and the Italian cheeses are low(er ) in fat and were used sparingly so I feel justified in calling this a “low-calorie gratin”.

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Cod Fish Salad (Italy Meets Puerto Rico)

While I don’t eat cod fish salad often, I always enjoy it when I do…and this week I had a hankering. I like the Italian version with oil-cured olives and tomatoes — and I equally like the Puerto Rican version with avocado and lime juice.

It didn’t take a brainstorm to come up with the idea to combine my favorite elements of each. They certainly are complementary. Two traditional ingredients to the Puerto Rican version that I forgot are hard-boiled eggs and pimentos so we’ll call them optional. 🙂

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Thanksgiving Burger + Trimmings

I love Thanksgiving. The flavor palette of this holiday meal has me salivating for days before — and digesting/working it off for days after. But what if you could have all of the flavors of Thanksgiving and none of the trappings? And by ‘trappings’, I mean calories.

Imagine you had a shopping list of turkey, pumpkin, sweet potato, apples, raisins…wouldn’t you start thinking “Thanksgiving”?

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A Healthier You (and Me) in 2010

Maybe you can help me. Maybe I can help you.

I recently had a unexpected cholesterol reading. Although my good-to-bad ratio remained good, my LDL number was high. The doctor even suggested medicine. (I declined and am going to try to reduce it on my own (along with a few lbs. if I can).

This was quite a surprise to me, and those that eat with me, because I pretty much eat all the right foods for health and weight maintenance. I rarely eat red meat, ice cream or desserts. I don’t bake cakes, cookies or pies. I don’t deep fry. Nor do I eat fast or processed foods. I don’t even snack on cheese or keep mayo or butter in the refrigerator. Moderation is the queen of my kitchen and table. So, what gives? Continue reading A Healthier You (and Me) in 2010