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Look What My Son Cooked for Me!

A couple of months ago I sent my son a text that went something like this: check out this link … we should do this for a party and by “we” I mean you since it requires patience and precision … oh, and it’s in German (I think), but the photos should be sufficient information.

And then I forgot about it until this weekend when Jim surprised me with a visit and dinner. Continue Reading

Polpettes di Salmone (Salmon Meatballs) in a Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce

Everyone loves spaghetti and meatballs, don’t they? I do too, but I like to play around with different approaches — always trying to make it lighter, healthier and a little more modern. Continue Reading

Tuna Ragu, Parsley Aioli and Musings About Life and Food

If you’re lucky — and, more importantly, if you’re open to it, you never stop learning. I mean every day. There’s always something new to see, hear, think about, learn; isn’t here? Continue Reading

Cauliflower 3 Ways: “Cavolfiore Italianissimo”

Cauliflower, like brussels sprouts, had a bad reputation for a long time  … that is, until the “foodie revolution” slapped cooks upside their collective heads and made them stop boiling, over-cooking, or under-seasoning vegetables.

This month’s Creative Cooking Crew challenge is to present 1 vegetable (or fruit) 3 different ways. Continue Reading

Cooking with Color (just one): Crabmeat + Fennel Risotto with Stuffed Squid and Fennel Puree

Color has always been an important ingredient in the FOODalogue kitchen … lots of red, green, orange and purple on the plate because, you know, eating healthy is a colorful thing.

But, this month’s challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew was to “create a complete and cohesive dish with only one color”. I chose white because I wanted the multiple challenge of preparation, presentation, photography (<it wasn’t easy) and also to prove that all white food is not bad for you. Think fish, mushrooms, cannellini beans, white asparagus, cauliflower, and wine! Continue Reading

It’s All About Balance and Building Flavors: An Interesting Pasta Dish

It’s the way I like to eat … balanced food groups and balanced flavors. Pasta with cabbage may seem a strange combination to some. Stranger yet, perhaps, is the addition of raisins. But, trust me, it works. In fact, it more than works. Continue Reading

Pork Steak Peperonata

Do you have a leftover container of your favorite pasta sauce in the freezer? This is a really tasty and easy use for it. Continue Reading

Yearning for a Boiled Dinner … with Variations

While everyone was eating corned beef and cabbage this past weekend, I ate a “cajun spiced Salmon Rueben” and an “open-faced chipotle shrimp tortilla”.

They were both great, but left me yearning. I had an itch that needed scratching. Continue Reading

Limiting Pasta Carbs | Linguine with Kale and Codfish Saffron Sauce

Yeah, this won’t win an award for food styling but, you can rest assured, it’s packed with flavor and tricks to limit starch while still enjoying a plate of pasta. Continue Reading

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