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Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve 2014 and New Year’s Day 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

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Christmas Scenes: Trees, Tables, Holiday Menus and a Tale of Traditions

Mary + Nick’s Tree, Boat Parade Party 2012

I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s postings on facebook the last few days with photos of families beside gaily decorated trees and enjoying holiday meals. It’s such a happy time of year. Full of traditions and memory-making moments.

Our season starts with the Boat Parade Party the first weekend in December and the festivities don’t end until my birthday early January. A month long of family celebrations … 6 weeks if you count Thanksgiving! And I do. Continue Reading

Saturday Crab Boil for the Family

While “life” has gotten in the way of those regularly scheduled Family Food Fights, we’re still a family that loves to eat together. And, even if we’re not competing, you can bet your bottom dollar we eat well. Welcome to Saturday’s crab boil at my son and Julie’s house. 

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My Italian Cauliflower Gratin and Easter Memories

This Easter Sunday I took a long walk down memory lane as I passed some time looking through old photos. I was reminded of my childhood Easters…and then continued the journey through the subsequent years.

Afterwards, I got in the kitchen and created a delicious twist on a traditional holiday side dish!

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Christmas, Our Way • Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 (Christmas Eve), we celebrated Christmas Day in Jim + Julie’s new home.

My son, who many of my readers know, is an excellent cook and a food blogger (albeit sporadic these days). He’s also a very good photographer and, as he keeps reminding me, a great son.

I recently said here that I’m still in awe of being in Florida for the holidays so, along with our family celebration and food (of course), I thought I’d share a few images to illustrate just what that means — starting with this open door and sunlight streaming through the house.

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Christmas, Our Way • Part 1

In our family we’ve always celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And, of course, by ‘celebrating’, I mean we get together and we eat!

All 17 and four generations worth of us!
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Culinary Tour 2010 • Puerto Rico

I’ve got a real treat for you. We’re having dinner in a private home on this stop of the Culinary Tour. As you may know, I’ve spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico. It was definitely my playground when I lived in New York. Less so now that I live in FL, but I still manage an annual trip and a reunion with my friends. I was actually in Puerto Rico for a few days during the period between the Argentina and Brazil stops on the Culinary Tour. It was a very food-centric experience from the highs of the trendy El San Juan Hotel restaurants…to road stands in the mountains…to a dinner party in a private home which I present here.

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Culinary Tour 2010 • Argentina

I’m a lot like Argentina. We are both the product of Spanish and Italian immigrants and we both have a decidedly Latin vibe coursing through our beings. It’s no wonder I’m planning my third visit to Buenos Aires in October. There’s a natural affinity.

Buenos Aires is a large, beautiful and complex city. I could never do it justice here with a few lines or paragraphs so I decided to do something different for this stop on the tour.

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Christmas 2009 in Photos (Some Words)

I’m in a semi-catatonic state today after several days of festivities (read: overeating and drinking). Aside from a few must-do things, I’ve had little oomph to do anything much more than tinker on my laptop so I made a few photo mosaics to share some of the special moments from this year’s Christmas holiday. Pictured here is the all-crystal tree in the lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach. I started the holiday season with a fabulous tasting dinner and wine pairing at Scott Conant’s ‘Scarpetta’ restaurant in the Fountainebleau. That dinner helped shape our Christmas Day menu — as did my recent trip to SF for the FoodBuzz Festival. Come see some merry photo mosaics…

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