Squash Challenge: Trick or Treat!

I was all over the place with this month’s theme. I had 10X as many ideas as there are varieties of squash. And then I realized it was Halloween. Why not don a toque and costume myself as a “baker and candy-maker”? No one would recognize me, for sure!

“Come in my little pretties … I have a treat for you.” Hee hee. Read More

Savor the Avenue 2012

Do you remember this fabulous event from last year? (Post) I gushed all through it because I had such a great time. In fact, I was immediately in countdown mode till the next one!

Here’s Savor the Avenue 2012. Me and about 999 other people feasting and drinking at one 1200+ foot table in the middle of the avenue. Total merriment … as far as the eye can see! Read More