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Wine Tasting at the Versace Mansion and What It’s Like to Be a Food Blogger

In case you wondered what being a food and travel blogger is all about … well, it’s about a lot of work most days.

It’s about being plugged in and engaged from your first waking moment to lights out. Every day.

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Squash Challenge: Trick or Treat!

I was all over the place with this month’s theme. I had 10X as many ideas as there are varieties of squash. And then I realized it was Halloween. Why not don a toque and costume myself as a “baker and candy-maker”? No one would recognize me, for sure!

“Come in my little pretties … I have a treat for you.” Hee hee. Continue Reading

Savor the Avenue 2012

Do you remember this fabulous event from last year? (Post) I gushed all through it because I had such a great time. In fact, I was immediately in countdown mode till the next one!

Here’s Savor the Avenue 2012. Me and about 999 other people feasting and drinking at one 1200+ foot table in the middle of the avenue. Total merriment … as far as the eye can see! Continue Reading

Potluck: So FL Foodie Style

This is NOT your “no booze, covered dish, church basement, kids-running-around” kind of potluck. No way, Jóse! This is a high-in-the-sky chic penthouse in the trendiest part of Miami.It’s foodies bringing it…literally and figuratively. This is the South Florida Foodies Potluck!

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Cherry Caramelized Onions + Stuffed Turkey Cheeseburger

So I heard from my friends on Facebook and Twitter that May is National Burger Month. Well, now, isn’t that convenient?

The other day I went food shopping and nothing really appealed to me as I walked up and down the aisles. Sometimes I can grab things for multiple meals, but this day I couldn’t see my next meal in front of my face. But, because I needed to bring something in, I bought some ground turkey and decided to make a burger.

…with a few twists. Continue Reading

Savor the Avenue • Delray Beach, FL

I had such a wonderful time at this event! And I couldn’t wait to share it with readers. But, days passed. I found I had so much to say that I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. And, because it was such a unique and picturesque experience, I took way too many photos and then I couldn’t decide which ones to post. I also wanted to tell you all about Delray Beach, the town that hosts this event. Oh, yes, and I kept floundering on what to title the post? Florida’s Longest Table? Street Food? Dining with 1000 Neighbors? Oh, hell, why not just go with the name of the event?!

I fear, if I waver any longer, the moment will have passed (at least for me). So, herewith…a really fabulous ‘foodie’ evening. Continue Reading

A Culinary Tour Around the World Ends in Nigeria: Final Round-Up, Farewell + Statistics

Do you believe that with the close of this, our third Culinary Tour, we virtually visited 30 countries? And, we collectively presented 284 recipes along with fascinating stories (firsthand, factual and otherwise/fictional :)). There were lots of great photos too.

Importantly, bloggers and readers alike expanded their horizons and welcomed new cultures and traditions into their homes and blogs. And, we all made new friends.

To those of you who expressed sadness by this being the ‘final tour’, who knows? I said it was, but maybe not.

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Culinary Tour Around the World • Egypt • Blogger Round-Up

After 7 weeks ‘on the road’, we will close this edition of the Culinary Tour Around the World next week when we spotlight Nigeria. But this week we honor Egypt.

Along with expressing good wishes to the people of Egypt as they move forward in their domestic restructuring, our bloggers prepared some of the country’s most popular dishes. It’s a strong representation and, interestingly, there are no duplicates. Bravo bloggers!

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The Story of My Egyptian Dinner • Culinary Tour Around the World

Since Egypt is currently having a rebirth of sorts, I thought I, too, should venture into uncharted waters for this stop on the tour. Instead of putting my usual keywords in search, I googled ‘dessert’. Yes, folks, FOODalogue decided to tackle dessert…but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I couldn’t find a recipe that sufficiently appealed to me and was worth expending unwanted calories. To illustrate, I found one called “Halawa Sweet”. “You can eat it, and you can use it as Hair Removal”. I don’t think so…in either form. :)

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