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Savory Corn Waffles with Green Eggs + Ham and a Cheese Sauce | A Creative Cooking Crew Breakfast Challenge

Nova_5041September 07, 2015corn waffles

Every component of this recipe sings on its own but, together, it’s a concert!

After a long summer hiatus, the Creative Cooking Crew is back — and when “breakfast” was announced as this month’s challenge, I knew I’d take it some place savory.  Continue Reading

What’s for Breakfast? A Creative Cooking Crew Challenge

I’m not a boxed cereal kind of gal. Not when I’m alone — and certainly not when I have company.

For challenges (and all-round eating out of the FOODalogue kitchen), I rely on what’s on-hand. Anything that’s not fresh or healthy(ish) is kept to a minimum … a pinch, sprinkle, dusting or dollop.

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Strawberry-Mozzarella Omelet

“Strawberry Omelet”?

Not a likely combination, I thought. I even had the nerve to say “I don’t think I’m going to like it” to my host when she made it.  Boy, was I wrong! It was delicious and, 3 weeks later, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Continue Reading

Creative Cooking Crew: Meat n’ Potatoes Challenge

What’s comes to your mind when you think of meat and potatoes?

I bet most people would say a Sunday roast or, perhaps, a slow-cooked stew or meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Undoubtedly, beef would be the most popular answer — so I went with ham. 

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Delicious Brussels Sprouts and Chestnut Hash with Eggs and an Extra Treat!

You won’t miss the potatoes. In fact, like me, you may even prefer it this way. Continue Reading

Brunch, Booze and Bagpipes

My friend, Gail, said “Father Time is knocking on my door again“. She wanted to get together with the gals for a birthday brunch on Sunday. Here, in South FL, we have lots of brunch choices from waterfront casual to high-end hotels. We generally tend toward the high-end, like the Four Seasons, for these special celebrations. But, hey, they’re expensive, a little stiff, and you can’t hang out ALL day. Wouldn’t it be more fun to do a brunch at home?

I volunteered to host the brunch at “Casa Nova” and the gals readily agreed.

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Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Yum, yum, yum! Continue Reading

Roasted Red Grape Salad with Bacon + Pecans • Garlic Crostini with Raspberry Bacon Jam

This is a great salad to carry to a party. Whether you carry it out or wow guests at home, it really is a ‘must try’.

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My Winter Fruit Compote + Pancake Muffins

I associate compote with my maternal grandmother. It’s not that I have a specific recollection of her making it for me…but, somehow, when I think of compote I think of her, so there must be a connection somwewhere in the recesses of my childhood memories.

I think she would approve of my recipe. Continue Reading

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