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My Baby, FOODalogue, is 7 Years Old … and I’ve Been a Bad Mommy!


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Season’s Greetings and A Year-End Message About Blogging

800©joannova 2014

As we move into a new year, I thought I’d make a comment about blogging.

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6th Anniversary

6th anniversary-DSC_0013

FOODalogue quietly passed its 6th anniversary this month … no fanfare, no giveaways … not even me, who birthed it, thought much about it. I guess because it has become so much a part of my life and identity so it was just another day.

But, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to thank those of you who have chosen to occasionally pull a chair up to my virtual table and enjoy the food and conversation.  Anyone who puts themselves out there day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year, knows just how important the interaction is.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥  Mi casa es su casa.


Two Food Bloggers in the Kitchen

I love when friends visit, especially friends who share a love of food, cooking, blogging and photography. Continue Reading

Pickle It! The Creative Cooking Crew Round-Up

A couple of months ago the challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew was “stuff it”. This month we took on “pickle it” and got quite a turn out.  Are you ready to get pickled??

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Cauliflower 3 Ways: “Cavolfiore Italianissimo”

Cauliflower, like brussels sprouts, had a bad reputation for a long time  … that is, until the “foodie revolution” slapped cooks upside their collective heads and made them stop boiling, over-cooking, or under-seasoning vegetables.

This month’s Creative Cooking Crew challenge is to present 1 vegetable (or fruit) 3 different ways. Continue Reading

A Few Words on FOODalogue’s 5th Anniversary

Welcome to my world. Continue Reading

How to Make a Tapas Party with Foods from Chile

I’ve been to Chile twice. I loved the country and I loved the food!  So, I was delighted to be invited by Kitchen Play to participate in a blogging event with Foods from Chile. The #CookChilean challenge went like this … they sent me a mystery box of food … I offered readers the opportunity to suggest what I should make with the ingredients … and now I’m happy to reveal that the winner is Erica of My Colombian Recipes who suggested ‘seafood tapas’.

Those 2 words gave me the idea (and excuse) to make a tapas party so I invited a couple of wine-toting friends over for a fiesta. “Tapas” are universal these days and the food ingredients I received lent themselves perfectly to the “little dish” theme.

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The “Stuff It” Round-Up from the Creative Cooking Crew

This was a fun challenge. “Stuff it” proved to be a very interesting theme. It even became a recurring pun in some of the narratives and we got a good laugh here and there. But, most importantly, the Creative Cooking Crew kicked you-know-what! Continue Reading

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