3 BBQ Side-Dish Kabobs, Mother’s Day and a Creative Cooking Crew Challenge | Crunchy Plantains on a Stick

The Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge for May — what are you bringing to the BBQ? –– was announced about the same time my nephew and his wife said they would be hosting a Mother’s Day barbecue. They’d do the meats and everyone else could bring accompaniments. Perfect timing.

When you’re a cook, it doesn’t matter if it’s Mother’s Day — you still cook. And, because I enjoy cooking, the challenge and, definitely, eating, I couldn’t bring just one thing.

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A Labor Day Message + Asian BBQ in case you’re hungry

Labor Day: what does it conjure up to you? Last barbecue of the summer? New school term? It’s been both of these things for me plus, in my family, we celebrate 2 birthdays the first week of September. I wondered today if anyone thinks about the origin of the holiday anymore. Until that moment, shamefully, not I. Read More