No lie, I’ve been lusting after this “E” award ever since I started seeing it passed around the blogosphere so imagine my delight when Gloria from Cookbook Cuisine gave me one! Gloria is not only an excellent chef with a Southwestern flair (ole!), she is a prolific writer and a very generous blogger always looking to promote and support her sister/fellow bloggers. So in that tradition, I decided to pass the E Award on to a few bloggers who I don’t see frequently in the commenting circle, but who nonetheless deserve a shout out for excellent blogging in the food arena. I poked around my RSS list and came up with following blogs who are doing an excellent job and have thus far gone un-awarded.

Last Night’s Dinner: This is one of my favorite blogs for everything a blog should be…very stylish, great food and fab photography. I can’t believe they haven’t been tapped for awards but I don’t see any noted on the blog. Perhaps it’s a style decision.
Eating in Translation: This is specialized blog all about eating out (ethnically) in New York City. Since the blog’s launch in 2005, the writer has eaten in and blogged about over 2000 places. Even if you don’t live in NY, you can learn about all different types of cuisines from his several-times-a-week posts.

Easy Recipes: The name of this blog belies the interesting recipes you’ll find here. Christine features Asian and Western recipes and specializes in the food of her Chinese culture. I particularly love her (cheese-covered) Baked Pork Chops with Rice.
Laylita’s Recipes: I just came across this blog recently and it’s already become one of my favorites. Layla presents beautiful food with a South American flair in a very stylish blog.
Strictly Fine Dining: And for creative presentation, I have give an E Award to this sous chef from Hampshire, England. Take a look at some of his presentations for a little creative inspiration.
Chronicles of a Fledgling Home Cook: Christine has some really good recipes from Korean style beef ribs to fish tacos. I notice she hasn’t posted recently but I’m hoping this award and a little love from you all will bring her back out again.
To award recipients, this is a ‘pay-it-forward’ award. Hopefully, you’ll bestow it on some of your favorite blogs.

We’ve been profiled again!

This time Gloria at Cookbook Cuisine was kind enough to include FOODalogue in her Featured Foodie series. I’m very grateful to all you foodies out there for your interest and support. This has become a very rewarding experience. Please click here to see her very nice review. Thanks, again, Gloria.

And, then I got an award from Theresa over at Mexican-American Border Cooking. The food-blogging community is so generous in their support of each other. I’m in awe.

Chocoholic Award..and My Foodie Blogroll!

Ooh…I was so excited to get a ‘chocoholic’ award from Gloria at Cookbook Cuisine. It’s a cute little teddy (it is a teddy, isn’t it?) that gets passed around among food bloggers to show appreciation for their mutual effort. Besides being personally validating for me as a new blogger, it comes at a perfect time when I have been struggling to add a “favorite foodies” list to my blog. Try as I might…and I’ve tried countless times, I can’t seem to get the damn gadget to work. I’m guessing it’s not blogger.com’s fault since so many of you have successfully added this feature. So it’s either some glitch in my template or some glitch in my capability. 

Getting this award gives me a perfect opportunity to give ‘props’ to some of the blogs I’ve become acquainted with in the past couple of months…and maybe to introduce you to other newbies, like me, who might need a little TLC and some new friends. Don’t forget, if you’ve been tapped, pay it forward.

Chocoholic Award to:
We Are Never Full: because they are the first blog I started following. Pithy dialogue, NY sense of humor and our similar palates keep me looking forward to their posts. Thanks to Amy who early on advised me to add the RSS feature to my blog as that was the preference of most bloggers. I did that — and then started RSS-subscribing myself. I now have about 50 blogs (and counting!) that I’m looking at.

Spanish Recipes: Nuria’s blog takes me back to my Spanish roots but also engages and entertains me. I’m sorry I didn’t know her when I visited Barcelona in June. Most of all, she has been very generous with information that has helped guide me through the blogosphere.

La Cocina Nathan: He is a non-stop cooking machine and I love his enthusiasm for his Latin heritage.

Bren’s FlaNboyant Eats: I could say the same thing about Bren as Nathan. Hmm…maybe these 2 should meet. Sounds like a match made in Heaven (or the kitchen).

Kalofagas: To Peter…every time I look at your blog, I am transported back to Greece. The wonderful posts about the cuisine and culture make me long to visit again. And, thanks for your supportive comments on my blog. 

The Leftover Queen: To Queen Jenn for taking on uniting the food blogger community and for the daily introduction to new sites via the blogroll. Can’t wait to see foodalogue listed. Hint, hint.
Food Fight: A little nepotism here. This is my son’s photolog which records our family food fights. It’s worth a visit, really!

And, thanks to foodbuzz who keeps us all buzzing and for the fun surprise I received in the mail today.

My Foodie Blogroll
Of course, all those mentioned above…and a big shout out to:
Culinarty – Love those fun food photos.
Fiordizucca – don’t always understand it, but a picture is worth a 1000 words, right?
Last Night’s Dinner – really enjoy Jenn’s photography

• to those of you who have stopped by FOODalogue and left a comment; and
• to those of you who come up with contests and awards which keep us challenged and in the discovery of each other.

P.S. BTW, while I don’t have a conventional sweet tooth, in keeping with the propaganda that a little chocolate each day is good for you, I’ve taken to a nightly square of very dark chocolate (my favorite is infused with orange) or a couple of chocolate-covered expresso beans. When I’m being really good, it’s a 40-calorie Fudgsicle.