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Fish n’ Chips with an Asian Twist | A Creative Cooking Crew Challenge

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Fish n’ Chips is a popular dish on menus all over the world. According to Wikipedia, it was first introduced into Great Britain’s working classes during the 16th century by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain who referred to it as ‘pescado frito’ (fried fish).

This month, the Creative Cooking Crew is challenged to reinterpret this iconic dish and make it our own — take it “some place it’s never been before”. Continue Reading

Leftovers: Or How I Turned My Fancy French-Inspired New Year’s Eve Dinner Into a Spicy Asian Fusion Meal

New Year’s Eve was all about indulgences … foie gras with an apple gastrique and chutney, bone marrow, triple créme cheese and baguette rounds that served as the vehicle for all those delectable starters. Then came some shrimp and lentils (for New Year good luck) followed by a main course of cornish hens and black rice. Not just any cornish hens, either. These birds had a little foie gras under the skin and were basted with the fat rendered from the foie. Indulgent!

Though not French, the Chinese black rice was treated with a mirepoix which also included fennel and was mixed with chopped dates and toasted pecans for a little sweet-savory to complement the birds. Side dish: roasted string beans and mushrooms with a little gorgonzola topping. Continue Reading

An Asian-Inspired Dinner Party or Anyone Can Cook Anything!

Yeah, that’s my take on cooking food outside your ethnicity. All it takes is knowing what you like, a few good seasoning agents*, a dash of confidence and access to google for recipes or to answer any last-minute questions. It may not be “authentic”, but it could (should) be tasty.

Continue Reading

A Mystery Basket Challenge, A Remembrance of Thailand and A Really Good Pad Thai Salad

The Creative Cooking Crew’s challenge for this month was a virtual mystery basket and, like the popular program “Chopped”, we had to use the items in the basket along with whatever we wanted from our own pantries to complete a “creative” dish.

The basket ingredients were: green apple, bacon, vinegar and nut butter. I immediately thought of some kind of Pad Thai-based dish. Predictable? Perhaps, because of nut sauces in Asian cuisine. But, I generally decide what to make for the challenge by whatever comes to mind first — and what I want to eat! Continue Reading

Redux: How I Got 3 Meals from a Chirashi Lunch Special

I stopped for lunch at Japango in Boca Raton. I was mildly aware of this strip mall restaurant which has been around for a while, but I’d never ventured in.

I wanted something light. I thought sushi would be perfect. It was, but in a way I never expected.

This was the meal that never ended! Continue Reading

Apple Challenge: Salmon Tartar, Forbidden Black Rice and Cider Gastrique

Yes, apple is present everywhere in this dish!

I always try to take the theme of these challenges to some place different … some place unexpected. I knew immediately it would be featured in a savory dish: (1) for the obvious reason that I’m not a dessert-maker and (2) I love the yin and yang of sweet and savory.

You might think at first glance that this is complicated or fancy, but it’s really very simple. Continue Reading

Improving on an Impulse Costco Purchase: Salmon Burger and Warm Asian Slaw

I’m hardly ever satisfied with the purchase of a prepared food product these days. Perhaps because I really enjoy putting my meals together from scratch, perhaps because I’ve become obsessed with my “Finishing Touches“; perhaps because an impulse purchase is nothing more than, well, an impulse purchase. It generally turns into one of those  “what was I thinking?” moments.

A package of frozen Wild Pacific Salmon Burgers seemed like a good idea for a quick and healthy meal. But after trying the first one, I was underwhelmed. And since it was a Costco purchase, you know there was more than 1 burger in that package. I had to get creative. Continue Reading

Easy ‘Asian': Burger, Fries, Edamame-Bean Slaw, Sriracha and Wasabi Condiments

An Asian-inspired twist on the American classic of burger, fries, slaw and ketchup/mayo. Continue Reading

Red Curry Salmon and Red Lentils

The path one (alright, me/aka FOODalogue) takes to presenting a plated dish is oft times convoluted. Witness this one. Continue Reading

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