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Roasted Vegetables Parmigiana

If you liked my roasted broccoli post (and many of you did), you’ll love this one too! It’s sort of like lasagna … lasagna light! No pasta.

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Vegetable Stew with a Fragrant Coconut Curry Sauce

Yes, this was a use-up-the-vegetable-drawer inspired dish. My intention was to make a vegetarian dinner and I, mindlessly, headed in the direction of my usual Mediterranean flavors — and then I remembered the can of coconut milk I bought when I was at the supermarket the last time — so I set the S/S FOODalogue on a different course.

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Wonton Surprise Ideas

I get no comfort from the ‘same old, same old‘ way-of-life…and that includes cooking. But, you know me, I don’t like complicated either. This is a simple and fun way to serve your veggies. Wrap them up! It’s a gift on your plate…for you and your loved ones!

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What’s for Lunch? Warm Mozzarella Bruschetta with Sauteed Mushrooms

If you have bread (preferably a good quality Italian or artisanal variety) and some leftovers, you have lunch!

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Supper-time Hash and Eggs

A little truffle salt and it’s good enough to pair with wine…I did!  Continue Reading

Vegetarian Stir Fry|Quick, Easy + Healthy

The inspiration for this dish came from leftovers (black beans) and market finds (Asian mushrooms).

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Cannellini Bean Spread on Rustic Toast

I started pureeing white beans (and black beans) a while back and have featured them many times on these pages. Often they are the pillow on which a piece of meat or fish rests. In that application, they do double duty…they’re a tasty legume and they’re a silky sauce.

After I did it the first time, I was hooked. Think about it…it’s much more attractive and satisfying than a scoop of beans on your plate. :)

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From My Draft Folder: Mac n’ Cheese, Not!

I’m always on to the next thing. Sometimes I move so fast, things get left behind…like the half-dozen or so half-started posts I just found in my draft folder. So while I’m currently busy working on some other things (including a no carb diet :(), I thought I’d post a few.

This one was dated October 30, 2010. Better late than never, right? Continue Reading

Asian Mushrooms + Your Health

I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t have a degree in nutrition nor am I even remotely an authority* so please enjoy this recipe and take the seemingly scientific info presented as a suggestion for your own further exploration.

I’ve seen a lot lately about the issue of chronic internal inflammation, an often symptomless condition with negative consequences. It’s said that “wellness is the absence of inflammation“, and that’s enough to pique my interest and perhaps influence some of my future food choices. Continue Reading

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