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“Choose one of your favorite rich, heavy, fatty animal-protein-based meals and give it a healthy VEGAN spin.” That was the challenge. 

This post introduces the Creative Cooking Crew, a group of 24 fearless food bloggers who will put their kitchen chops to the test with a new culinary challenge every month. Members will post their creations on their individual blogs anytime during the month and this month, on January 30, I will present a round-up of all of them here on FOODalogue. Alternate months it will be hosted by Lazaro Cooks

January Challenge: Vegan

I’ve spent my whole adult life, most especially since I became a food blogger, living (more expressly: eating) a life of moderation, systematically cleaning up my act. I didn’t have much left in my repertoire that fell in the category of ‘rich, heavy, fatty and animal-based’.

And then I thought of “La Frita”, a Cuban burger, very popular in the Latin communities in South Florida.

Unlike Mickey D’s all beef patty, this one is beef and chorizo and topped with shoestring potatoes!

•                  •                    •

To veganize the burger and yet keep to the Cuban palate, I substituted rice and beans (black) for the meat. Each component was cooked separately and aggressively seasoned — including about a teaspoon of chorizo seasoning in the rice. I used avocado as a binder to hold the rice and beans together and to add a little fat. Once I formed the burger, I put it in the freezer to set for about 15 minutes before frying.

Doesn’t black rice resemble a burger?

While the condiment of choice for a Cuban burger is regular tomato ketchup, I decided to add a little bit more Cubanismo into it with a mango ketchup (mango, tomato, red pepper, onion, cider vinegar, dry seasonings, cilantro and red chili flakes.)When served, Fritas are always topped with raw onions, pickles and shoestring fries.

But … wouldn’t plantain shoestrings be más bueno?! 🙂

Sí, sí, yes!


This was so delicious!

(Though, truth be told, it didn’t hold together well once I picked it up and took a bite. A fork and knife were required.)

Please come back on January 30 when I will host the round-up of all the group’s creative dishes. Round-ups are a feast for the eyes and often a head scratcher … how did he/she think of that? 🙂



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