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Photography: How Am I Doing?

January 26, 2013 by Joan Nova in Photography | 17 Comments

As some of you may have gathered, I’ve been trying to spend a little more time behind the lens instead of in front of the stove these days.

Living in FL, it’s not so difficult to find beautiful things to photograph. This is just a small sample from the last few days.

I’ve always been fascinated with photography. Now, more so than ever.

I’m the annoying family member who snaps away at holiday gatherings and family get-togethers.

I do the same thing on vacations and then post and share my photos with everyone.

Nowadays, I also post on flickr, pinterest and facebook — and sometimes twitter and google! It’s getting hard to escape me. :)

But, it’s only until I started food blogging 4+ years ago that I started to get serious with what (and more importantly how) I was snapping.

I wanted to learn … to take technically better photos, to better style the food, to edit what I saw in the camera and afterwards in post production and to get more creative.

In 4 years, I bought 4 cameras. I finally went off ‘automatic or scene’ and tried to learn/understand settings, exposures, etc.

I took classes. First at Delray Center for the Arts which specializes in ‘creative’ photography, then I took a step back and tutored myself in technical aspects with online courses and a couple of night adult ed workshops. I even read the camera manual though my eyes blurred over.

I started using lightroom 4 for post production and fell in love with the ‘develop’ module.

And then I was ready.

A couple of months ago, I bought a DSLR (just an entry level Nikon with kit lens) and I registered again for an Art of Seeing course at the Center.

I have 2 fledgling photography blogs: Beyond My Glasses (which may not be what you think) and which houses my 2 failed attempts at Project 365, my current going-strong-at-25-days 365 endeavor, and other assorted photo challenges and images.

I still have a lot to learn, I know … but I’m very enthusiastic. In fact, later today I’m joining a photography meet-up at the South Florida Fairgrounds and will try my luck at capturing images in that setting.

•         •         •

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  1. Great news Joan…I def think you have an “eye” for it! Just keep on practising! Isn’t Lightroom just wonderful? I almost feel like I’m cheating when using it. Look forward to more of your pics!
    Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul recently posted..Irish Coffee Ice PopsMy Profile

  2. Arlene says:

    Joan, I would say you’re well on your way to improving your skills. I’m especially enamored of the shot of the bird in the water with the wonderful shadow. It would make a fabulous art quilt if I didn’t already have way too many UFO’s (unfinished projects). Looking forward to more great photos.
    Arlene recently posted..Easy Garlic ChickenMy Profile

  3. Velva says:

    Looks like you are doing well with your passion for photography. You are right living in Florida there is a lot of beauty that can be captured behind the lens.

    Thanks for sharing your photo journey with us.


  4. RedKathy says:

    Nice display Joan!

  5. Peter says:

    Joan, the photos look great and there is an improvment. See…I am paying attention ;)

  6. Wow, Joan. You have a great eye. I particularly loved the bird on the log. Stunning. But they are all exceptionally good. Thanks for sharing.
    Victoria of Flavors of the Sun recently posted..Part I Las Rancheritas: Women EmpoweredMy Profile

  7. These look so familiar. You are doing great and I am learning so much from you…

  8. I think your on your way. Design, reflections and composition are all there. Editing and learning to use the various software out there is the challenge. I keep working on it, but there is always something new to learn. Enjoy it and have fun with it.

    So glad you joined us last night for the meetup. Love having another person to collaborate with.
    Patricia Durr recently posted..Orchid AffairMy Profile

  9. Yours pictures are lovely! I wish I was in Florida :)
    Laura Dembowski recently posted..Vanilla Walnut “Shortbread” and Liebster AwardMy Profile

  10. Connie says:

    Joan you are doing just great. Always proud of all your efforts.

  11. Bravo Joan, I love the way you’ve shared your experience. I’ve taken photographs all my life, like you I’m always the person taking the shots at gatherings, but it’s only since I’ve been blogging that I’ve taken it to another level. Impressed by how many projects you seem to juggle. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely images. Lightroom is at the top of my wish list.
    Sally – My Custard Pie recently posted..Women and wine (part one) – what to drink in 2013My Profile

  12. bellini says:

    As they say you have come a long way baby!!! It sounds like you are really enjoying it as well.

  13. Lori Lynn says:

    Super images Joan. They certainly paint a picture of your home state. Beautiful!
    Please keep sharing…
    Lori Lynn recently posted..An Elegant Little Starter: Scallop & Melted Leek PastaMy Profile

  14. Fantastic photos – I especially love the ones of the birds! It is time well spent!
    Kitchen Butterfly recently posted..Nigeria’s Dry Season’s Produce: January/FebruaryMy Profile

  15. That last one is lovely. I’ve fallen in love more and more with photography. I have to admit that I’m just very low on patience with processing them. I need to scale back on taking so many when I travel. It slows down my posting schedule! The thought of editing, that is.
    Bren @ Flanboyant Eats recently posted..Queso Fresco SauceMy Profile

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