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Redux: How I Got 3 Meals from a Chirashi Lunch Special

November 21, 2012 by Joan Nova in Asian, Fish/Seafood, Recipe Development, Restaurant Reviews | 10 Comments

I stopped for lunch at Japango in Boca Raton. I was mildly aware of this strip mall restaurant which has been around for a while, but I’d never ventured in.

I wanted something light. I thought sushi would be perfect. It was, but in a way I never expected.

This was the meal that never ended!

The term Chirashi* was new to me, but it sounded interesting: a variety of fish on sushi rice. It was a lunch special for $11.95.

I expected a few pieces of sashimi grade fish on a small bed of sushi rice because (a) it was lunch time, (b) it also included a choice of miso soup or salad with ginger dressing and (c) it only cost $11.95. When the salad arrived heaped on a large dinner plate, it should have been my first inkling of what was to come.

A large plate of sushi rice covered with massago and featuring at least 6 varieties of fish, seaweed salad, and vegetables. This could have easily fed 4 people!

I ate more than I thought I could.

More than I should.

The waitress suggested I take it home.

I was a little leery. Raw fish should be eaten fresh.

But, I couldn’t leave all that beautiful fish there. I acquiesced. And, come dinner time, I decided to quick sear the fish and warm the rice. I enjoyed it all over again. In a different way.

And, there was still some fish (now cooked) left that I had for lunch the next day.

Fish and avocado on escarole dressed with sesame oil and rice vinegar; topping sour cream, sriracha,chopped cucumber + scallion, mild jalapeno, chow mein noodles.

I can’t believe I had 3 delicious meals for $11.95 and I’m anxious to go back to Japanego and try something else, but right now …

I am so ready for the turkey!!

*I’ve since learned that ‘chirashi’ means scattered, ergo the variety of fish “scattered” as only the Japanese could do with precision and style.


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  1. Now that is one delicious bargain! I can imagine that this won’t be your last trip there. As much as I love living where I do, I do miss really fresh seafood. So much. Every meal you had of that fish made my mouth water.
    Victoria of Flavors of the Sun recently posted..English Country Cheddar SoupMy Profile

  2. sippitysup says:

    I would have screamed if you had abandoned all that beautiful fish. My faith is restored. GREG
    sippitysup recently posted..Brown Butter Tomato Soup So Good I could CryMy Profile

  3. Katie says:

    I love recycling and reinventing meals. Nice way to use up that leftover sushi, Joan.
    Katie recently posted..2012 Argentina Holiday Gift GuideMy Profile

  4. Jonny says:

    Smart idea, Joan! We had a not dissimilar dilemma a few or so ago, but with sushi rolls rather than chirashi. We took the risk, refrigerated it and had it for lunch the next day. It was perfectly fine, thankfully. I have since learned that most sushi grade fish is frozen prior to the consumer, which reduces the risk of bacteria. Which was all to the good, since it would have been a mess to take the roll apart and try to cook it.

  5. bellini says:

    I love when meals can be spread out, one of the joys of cooking for one!

  6. Penny says:

    What a find. You did a great job reinventing the leftovers Joan.

  7. Erica says:

    That looks amazing,Joan!What a great idea to use up that leftover sushi!

  8. You are such a resourceful woman! 3 meals in one is the way to go, I totally agree and i’d have enjoyed all three, except I prefer the second and third the best

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