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My Winter Fruit Compote + Pancake Muffins

December 3, 2011 by Joan Nova in Breakfast + Brunch, Desserts, Fruit, Side Dishes | 20 Comments

I associate compote with my maternal grandmother. It’s not that I have a specific recollection of her making it for me…but, somehow, when I think of compote I think of her, so there must be a connection somwewhere in the recesses of my childhood memories.

I think she would approve of my recipe.

I have to say at the start that I’m not a big fan of winter fruit, but I love this!
Hand-held winter fruit just doesn’t have the same appeal to me as grabbing a juicy black plum or a sweet peach and biting in. But…an apple or pear that is accompanied by a good cheese and a glass of wine…or has been baked, stewed or otherwise altered…well, then, now we’re talking.

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My Winter Fruit Compote
  • 2 apples
  • 2 pears
  • 4-6 chopped dried figs
  • 4-6 chopped dates
  • 4-6 chopped dried plums
  • handful golden raisins
  • cinnamon stick
  • 2 star anise
  • 1 glass of water
How To
  1. Bring to boil, cover and simmer on med-low for about 15-20 minutes.
  2. Remove cover and cook another 5 minutes.
  3. Shut burner and leave pot on stove till it cools.
  4. Refrigerate.

• I find no need to add sugar, syrup or other sweetner as the the dried fruits do a good job of sweetening and thickening.
• Many people use alcohol (generally red wine) as the braising liquid, but since I eat it mainly for breakfast this is the one time I cook with water.
• Refrigerate once it’s cooled down, but don’t eat it cold. Bring it either to room temperature or take the chill off in microwave.

Ideas for serving compote:
• as a side dish, especially with a pork loin or poultry (though here, I’d use wine!)
• for dessert (a little warm over a scoop of ice cream, mmm)
• but, mostly, I love it for breakfast.

The compote goes beautifully with ricotta or sour cream mixed with a dollop of whipped marscapone. Add black pepper and/or rosemary for interesting woody notes.

And about those pancake muffins…

Aren’t they cute? They’re just a ready made pumpkin pancake mix that I decided to bake so that I could have little bites to accompany the compote for a special treat. They came out light and fluffy and there was no need for syrup. I don’t think I’ll ever do a stack again.
I’d love to know what readers put in their compotes.

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  1. Peter says:

    Love dried fruit compotes, especially on top of Greek yogurt.
    Peter recently posted..The Other GiouvarlakiaMy Profile

  2. Nisrine M. says:

    Delicious compote filled with holiday flavors. Bookmarked.

  3. I am absolutely making this compote this season and serving it for BRUNCH with friends.

    THANKS Joan for another wonderful and unique recipe. The star anise rocks!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors
    Devaki @ weavethousandflavors recently posted..Waking up from Post Thanksgiving Haze ~ Asian style Stir-fry Cashew ChickenMy Profile

  4. Penny says:

    Love the compote, but oh those muffins. What a great idea.
    Penny recently posted..O OLIVE OIL and eRecipeCards Have Joined Forces For a ContestMy Profile

  5. Katie says:

    I love the idea of the compote. I’m really sick of winter fruits right now after an entire winter in Argentina, and now an additional shot of chilly weather here in Philadelphia. I’ll be making a batch of this compote for sure.
    Katie recently posted..Listen to Me on BA CastMy Profile

  6. When I was a little girl, I hated was “old people” I love it (maybe I’m getting old too??!!) For me, with mascarpone, please!
    Cristina, from Buenos Aires to Paris recently posted..Mini – Panettone, for ©Menu Malbec….!My Profile

  7. I have to save these recipes, love fruit and spice! Maybe make them for Christmas for my kids
    Patricia Durr recently posted..Marky’s – International Food EmporiumMy Profile

  8. I don’t know about your Grandmother but I certainly approve of your compote!
    Sally – My Custard Pie recently posted..Mingling with custardMy Profile

  9. I adore compote…I also like the fact that you used no sugar. I love it at breakfast especially over Greek yoghurt.

  10. Ivy says:

    The fruit compote sounds delicious and love it that it is sugar free as well. The only thing I would add is a hint of honey.

  11. Nuria says:

    Mmmmm I can smell your kitchen from here!!! What a great dessert… I’ve never done it myself. I should try it your way :D
    Nuria recently posted..Manzana rellena [Flickr]My Profile

  12. bellini says:

    Fruit compote is something I have heard of but not a part of my childhood memories. It is time to make new traditions.

  13. Ben says:

    I’m with you on the winter fruits. I love me some mangoes and peaches! But this compote looks really good. I’d serve it with goat and provolone cheeses and a glass of fruity wine. Yummy!

  14. What a great idea about the pancake muffins! Love it! I don’t have a pancake mix, but I think I’ll create my own from scratch – thanks for the inspiration! recently posted..Biggest Loser recapMy Profile

  15. giz says:

    Strangely enough I also have these memories of my mom when I see winter fruit compote. It was a staple growing up and I still make it. I love what you did with the pumpkin pancake mix – very creative.
    giz recently posted..President’s Choice Holiday 2011My Profile

  16. Lori Lynn says:

    Hi Joan – I like the idea of your compote with a slice of cheese and a glass of red wine.

    The pancake muffins are brilliant! I need to try that with my nephews!
    Lori Lynn recently posted..Japchae: Noodles for a CrowdMy Profile

  17. Your compote sounds fabulous, I love the addition of dried fruits. The pancake muffins are so neat!

  18. Sophie says:

    MMMMMM,…That winter fruit compote looks amazing & must taste divine & your muffins look like real winners too! :)
    Sophie recently posted..Joy Bauer’s Food cures book review & 2 recipes from her new book!My Profile

  19. my dad is the one who makes compote out of any of the fruit that might not be 100% perfect to cook: great memories!

  20. Heidi Leon says:

    Well, you are so right about winter food is not as `sexy´as summer fruit. I also have to force myself and remind me I have to eat fruits during winter albeit your delicious fruit compote will be gladly incorporated to my breakie´s recipes.

    Love all the other suggestions you share on how to enjoy compote. I would also use it as topping for french toasts!.
    Heidi Leon recently posted..{eating out} La Cantine Vegetarianne – Aix en Provence, FranceMy Profile

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