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Slow Food Brunch at the Oceanside Farmers’ Market

March 26, 2011 by Joan Nova in Florida | 19 Comments

This post is especially for readers who are still experiencing cold temps and even snow…though it’s officially Spring. I feel your pain. I really do!

I hope this photologue warms you up for a spell and reminds you to ‘hang in there’…it has to let up soon!

[Conversely, here in Florida we already hit 90 degrees one day last week which I sure hope is an aberration.]

The Oceanside Farmers’ Market in Lake Worth presented a Southern Comforts Brunch to benefit Slow Food USA, the Glades to Coast Chapter. It was a delightful al fresco experience on the banks of the Intracoastal Canal. The menu was created and executed by Chefs Anthony Sanders, Adam Bonham, Irving Lendof and Ana Rivera of Taco Loquisimo.

I love this photo of the chef’s whites hanging in front of the beautiful scenery. A sign of good things to come.

Take a seat and join me, won’t you?

We were greeted with Infused Coconut Milk (ginger and local berries).

Food was either served on bread or compostable plates/utensils and we were asked to bring our own coffee mugs from home.

“Slow Food USA is working to create a world in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet.”

Prepping Cheesy Organic Grits with Quiet Creek goat cheese, local herbs, fire-roasted jumbo shrimp from Independent Seafood, served with gravy of heirloom tomatoes from Farm House Tomatoes.

“Plated” on a banana leaf over a slice of bread.

I’m totally stealing this idea for my next dinner party. Yes, that’s a hallowed loaf of bread serving as the caddy for breadsticks and crackers.

Field-Fresh Salad of newly harvested greens with just-pulled radishes and field-ripened tomatoes, served with Mimosa Vinaigrette. The tomatoes were so red — and don’t you just love the way they served the vinaigrette?

The brunch ended with 2 sweet notes: Organic carrot muffin with ginger cream frosting from Palm Beach Pastry and thyme waffle with strawberry compote and vanilla creme fraiche.

It was a lovely time…I wish you all were there! Meantime, I leave you with a few scenes from the farmers’ market. You’ll notice I took my FoodBuzz bag to stock up on the way out.

I walked in with a plastic cup of Iced Coffee. Not exactly ‘green’…ssh, don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Katy says:

    Such a fabulous brunch today! It was the perfect start to a Saturday, and you definitely captured the moment. I can’t wait to do this one again.

  2. We all wish we were there too Joan. I gleaned many wonderful ideas from here too:D

  3. Joan
    Thank you for joining us today. Your beautiful pictures and descriptive writing captured the occasion perfectly. Peter Robinson and the Oceanside Farmers Market vendors created a memorable feast and it was designed to be biogradable/all natural, no waste

  4. Katie says:

    Lovely photos and commentary, Joan! I felt as though I were there with you. By the way, mimosa vinaigrette sounds fabulous, and I loved the presentation in the milk bottle.

  5. Marie says:

    I love the hallowed out bread idea too,( I’m also stealing it!)all the vibrant colors makes me look forward to warm weather and hot sun!

  6. Jacqueline says:

    What can I say Joan, I am jealous :)

  7. norma says:

    Love that bread…I am stealing too. Hopefully next year I can join you.

  8. What an inspiring post. And the bread! The bread!

  9. What wonderful, mouthwatering, vibrant color!

    I’m looking out of my window at the 4 ins of fresh powder that fell overnight and the only compensation for me is that the ski slopes are still open, otherwise I’d be on the first plane down there!

  10. redkathy says:

    I see everyone loves the bread idea, me too! And those cupcakes, well you know me gotta have my sweets! Love brunch Joan, wish I was there with you.

  11. Excuse me…what the h…. am I doing here???!!!
    I must be there soon, with that brunch & everything..Please!!
    I LOVED the salad and vinaigrette!!

  12. Robin Sue says:

    Hmmm eating in the market! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this Joan, it makes me excited for when I am in the market!

  13. Ben says:

    How beautiful! I really need to go to the beach and have a lovely breakfast by the ocean side. Great breakfast! And the best part is that it’s for Slow Food. I love it!

  14. Are you a slow food member, Joan? This looks like a wonderful event.

  15. What an amazing brunch! An excellent and delicious experience for sure!

  16. Lori Lynn says:

    Hi Joan – lovely indeed!
    Love your chefs whites photograph. Excellent!
    And the bread basket idea is fabulous. I’m using recycled milk jugs for all sorts of things – they’re charming.

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