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A Culinary Tour Around the World • Turkey Round-Up

January 26, 2011 by Joan Nova in Blogging, Culinary Tour Around the World, Events, Food Challenge, Travel Retrospectives | 17 Comments

Looks like Turkey moved up the proverbial travel wishlist for a lot people during this stop on our Culinary Tour. I encourage you to click on this link — you’ll see 25 compelling photos that will have you re-thinking your next vacation destination.

And if you need further inspiration, there’s the food. From soup to desserts, we got some wonderful-looking dishes from bloggers around the globe. I know I will be making a few of them in my kitchen.

Oz from Kitchen Butterfly in The Netherlands made 2 appetizers (one with prawns, the other cheese) using Vermicelli Pastry (Tel Kadayif). She also provides good information and great how-to photos.

Love the Turkish pizza with ground meat topping (Lahmacun) from Val of More than Burnt Toast in Vancouver who also wove one of her interesting armchair tales.

Annette from Torwen in the U.K. didn’t have any trouble finding vegetarian choices for her lifestyle. She made spinach borek and lentils two ways.

Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen shared photos from her trip to Turkey, set a Turkish table and made marinated chicken thighs and a cashew pilaf.

Sally of My Custard Pie in Dubai brought us Turkish Meatballs with Aubergine Puree, which I know I’m making one day real soon.

Sally had such a good time with Turkish food, she made Turkish poached eggs (Cilber) the next morning and published a second post.
Then we have the Eating Club Vancouver sisters, js and ts, who have done quite a few posts about the food of Turkey and I am happy to feature two. The first is Borek with beef filling which I wish someone would make for me b/c I don’t think I’d ever attempt this.

The second is chard and yogurt soup (Shourabit Silq bi Laban).

Cinzia of Cindystar in Lake Garda, Italy invited a friend to share a Turkish lunch with her. They had pumpkin and carrot dips with pide, kofte, cacik and ginger tea. Don’t you wish you were invited?

The Dessert Table

Angela of Ackyart in Rome made Turkish Rolls Baklava. You must click over to her blog to see an unbelievably beautiful photo of colorful algae found in Turkey.

Norma of Platanos Mangoes + Me! in NY made a 2-layered saffron rice pudding (Zerdeli Sutlac) and Turkish coffee. She also told a fortune by reading the coffee grinds, showed off her Turkish treasures and toasted us with a shot (or 2) of Raki.

Anamaris of Chef It Yourself in TX also came up sweet on this stop with a luscious custard-filled baklava (Sobiyet) which she made ‘her own’ by changing up some of the ingredients.

Please support the bloggers who brought you these beautiful treats and visit their blogs. There’s so much more to see on each and every one!

Next Stop: Japan, January 30
Blogger Round-Up: February 2
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  1. Brii says:

    Joan, fantastic round up!!
    so many memories seeing both burek and baklava
    traditional dishes also in Croatia (where my mother comes from) and Macedonia where my husband stayed and worked for 5 years. (well, he came home now and then! :-DD)

    will have a stroll over reading more, it will be like travelling with you!


  2. bellini says:

    I think that Turkey is on our radar now Joan. I would love to travel there in real time and exoerience all that is has to offer in cuisine!!!!

  3. I am drooling. I don’t know where to begin…the poached egg (gorgeous), the borek, the meatballs…oh, NICE!

  4. Arlene says:

    A fabulous round up, Joan. I remember my trip to Turkey, years and years ago. Ephesus remains my “favorite” ruins in all the world.

  5. norma says:

    This was really a great round up if I do say so myself. I really had fun with this post.

  6. Marie says:

    I want to go to Turkey! look at that food!

  7. The Turkish lunch looks fantastic and the borek was particularly brave as that homemade pastry is like a strudle pastry (I have made it twice when visiting the Balkans) and the pastry covers a table paper thin… like a phyllo. All round ups look fantastic. The food of Turkey is clearly flavourful and steeped in cultural tradition. Odd that there are not more “Turkish Restaurants”.

  8. Anamaris says:

    oooooh, it all looks so awesome! I want to go have dinner with everybody on here.

  9. Katie says:

    All of the food in this round-up looks absolutely amazing! I have very limited experience with Turkish food, but there’s plenty of inspiration to draw on here. How do you say “yummy” in Turkish?

  10. What a lovely round-up Joan. Everyone’s dish is so beautiful. Actually, I didn’t realize how interesting Turkish food can be. I’m very intrigued by Sally’s Turkish poached egg dish.

  11. Rich says:

    Well, then. Consider Turkey moved up a few notches in my book of places to visit as well. Wow, that food looks extraordinary. That is some incredible-looking stuff …

  12. I don’t know Turkey so I learnt a lot analysing (and I mean it!) these treats !! Congrats to everyone!!

  13. Amazing specialties from Turkey! Everyone did a terrific job!

  14. What a great turnout! Such diverse dishes too.

  15. Bren says:

    i love that you still have your round up going strong! I always enjoy reading what everyone is making! keep it up!

  16. sippitysup says:

    Great line up. Such a colorful variety of new tastes for me too. GREG

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