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Biscotti 101 • Wordless Wednesday

December 14, 2010 by Joan Nova in Baking, Desserts, Wordless Wednesday | 18 Comments

How could I be wordless? This was my first foray into making biscotti…2 kinds with whole wheat flour (1) hazelnuts, choc chips, figs and (2) rosemary, pistachio, fennel, dried cherries and a dusting of sweet onion sugar (preferred). Flavors = good; execution = needs improvement.

NOTE: Some recipes found on FOODalogue are offered without ingredient quantities. They're meant as a guide to food pairings and techniques to be experimented with … in your own kitchen … to your own spice and taste levels … to your preferred portion sizes … and to however many people you’re cooking for. A perfect meal has multiple levels of flavor and textures, bright colors and tastes, and healthy(ish) choices. It's all about enjoyment. Enjoy the process, the presentation and the just rewards...eating!


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  1. Brave, very brave. I am not a baker either. They look good to me. Love your combinations.

  2. Yum! Some hot tea and all is good.

  3. doggybloggy says:

    good wordless job! I want something to dunk them in now….

  4. Robin Sue says:

    Cute shirt. Snazy hair style. You look great! And you baked! Biscotti of all things. You really know how to jump in with both feet and take on a challenge. I leave biscotti up to my Ma, she is the pro at it. You know I would never have the patience to “twice bake” I can’t wait to see what you bake next. Are you enjoying it?

  5. Foodiewife says:

    I just learned how to make biscotti at a class. I can’t wait to have time to make it again. Nice combo you made– sweet & savory, eh?

  6. Arlene says:

    Love biscotti or mandelbrot or any name that describes these delicious treats. Your combinations, particularly the savoury, are inspired.

  7. bellini says:

    Good for you Joan you are really taking your resolution to do more baking to heart.

  8. brii's Mac says:

    you’re great joan!
    I love making biscotti!
    beautiful pics!

  9. Rich says:

    That does look like some great biscotti! I’ll look forward to some more words on it, perhaps?

  10. Dorothy says:

    Good job. The combinations sound delicious. Can’t wait to taste them.

  11. Peter says:

    A good start for baking but you have to be tight with ingredients then freestyle with your flavours…keep at it, Senora! ;)

  12. norma says:

    We have become a baker…so proud of you…you look cool in the T and if you are a true friend you will mail me some of those for Christmas…

  13. Lynda says:

    I love the flavor combination of number 2!

  14. The savory biscottis sound fantastic!

    Btw, I recognize that shirt ;-)

  15. Love the t-shirt and hair do! Oh! and I also like the flavors you created Joan. Keep at it…I want to see some pics.

  16. Biscotti was one of the first things I ever baked that looked exactly like the picture in the book. I was thrilled since I’m not much of a baker.

    Love the t-shirt Joan.

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