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Asian Mushrooms + Your Health

December 9, 2010 by Joan Nova in 1-2-3 Quick + Easy Vegetable Meals, Asian, Side Dishes, Small Meals with BIG FLAVORS, Vegetables | 13 Comments

I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t have a degree in nutrition nor am I even remotely an authority* so please enjoy this recipe and take the seemingly scientific info presented as a suggestion for your own further exploration.

I’ve seen a lot lately about the issue of chronic internal inflammation, an often symptomless condition with negative consequences. It’s said that “wellness is the absence of inflammation“, and that’s enough to pique my interest and perhaps influence some of my future food choices.

Recently, I saw Dr. Weill and Dr. Oz talking about the anti-inflammatory food pyramid. There’s the usual vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains and healthy fats (perhaps in different order than the USDA pyramid) — and, I was intrigued by the specific mention of Asian mushrooms. I also like that it shows 1-2 glasses of red wine daily. :)

Since I love to cook vegetable-weighted dishes, especially those with Asian flavors, this was a simple first step. The easiest Asian mushrooms to find in non-Oriental markets are shitake and oyster.For this dish,

  • I roughly chopped the mushrooms and sauteed them with garlic.
  • I added some edamame beans and a few dashes of ponzu sauce, fish sauce, a splash of rice vinegar and ground star anise.
  • Like a stir fry, I also threw in some baby bok choy.
  • The vegetables were tossed with whole grain spaghetti (or, as they say in Asian restaurants, noodles).

Finishing Touch: a splash of siraccha, chopped scallions, cilantro for freshness, a drizzle of sesame oil and a few rice or chow mein noodles for fun and crunch.

New York Times, Body’s Defender Goes on Attack
Anti-Inflammatory Diet
The Health Benefits of Asian Mushrooms
Interview with Dr. Weil

*FOODalogue does not vouch for the accuracy of these studies. What do I know???

NOTE: Some recipes found on FOODalogue are offered without ingredient quantities. They're meant as a guide to food pairings and techniques to be experimented with … in your own kitchen … to your own spice and taste levels … to your preferred portion sizes … and to however many people you’re cooking for. A perfect meal has multiple levels of flavor and textures, bright colors and tastes, and healthy(ish) choices. It's all about enjoyment. Enjoy the process, the presentation and the just rewards...eating!


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  1. Lori Lynn says:

    I would love this dish for certain. All ingredients that I usually cook with, but don’t always make it on my blog. Great combination of flavors Joan!

  2. Another winner, love mushrooms. I saw same segment and like both Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil, they are so sensible. Another thing we have in common. Like your new Foodalogue pics.

  3. Looks so fresh – you’re right about mushrooms. They are underrated.

  4. Marie says:

    I could use all the help I can get right about now, I’ve already had too many cookies! I love that pyramid though and try to eat that way “most” of the time, although I can’t even come near to your asian cooking at all!! Love your photo’s Joan, loving your new camera…

  5. I love your comment at the end :)

  6. redkathy says:

    Beautiful Joan. My grandmother was a firm believe in the wine theory. Funny how so many of those old foodie ways turn out to be truths.

  7. norma says:

    This is something that I would prepare anytime…mushrooms and noodles…yummy!

  8. I think you know a lot more than you vouch for! ;) Love the dish Joan…very healthy indeed. With a few glasses of red and we’ll be on a health kick!

  9. This is delicious for sure, lots of umami flavors here with the mushrooms and I love your finishing touches, perfect!

  10. Ivy says:

    This sounds delicious. Joan you don’t need to be a dietician or nutritionist to know what’s good for you, after so many years of cooking. People make good choices and bad choices of what they choose to eat and I think you make good choices. I follow the Mediterranean Diet and works well for me. I love mushrooms and would eat them anyway they are cooked.

  11. I don’t consume as much mushrooms as I could; this dish looks very appealing and easy to execute.

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