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Baking for Beginners • Raincoast Crisps

More savory than sweet, crunchy rather gooey, and a seemingly simple recipe…this was the perfect baby step for my official foray into baking. Though ‘seemingly simple’, things didn’t go exactly according to the recipe. Do they ever? There was some intended substitution of ingredients — and there were some unintended. Midway, a frantic post went up on a twitter and facebook: SOS – can I substitute egg nog for buttermilk in a cracker recipe? Bought the wrong thing. Some of my foodie friends came to the rescue about mixing regular milk with vinegar. Didn’t help…I had no milk.

Oh, well, I said I wanted to start baking and that I wanted to do it ‘my way’… Continue reading Baking for Beginners • Raincoast Crisps