Spicy Korean Pork & Vegetable Noodle Bowl

Nova_9530April 27, 2016asian stoupThis recipe was inspired by a Trader Joe’s purchase of fully-cooked Korean-inspired spicy pork shoulder. I don’t usually buy their prepared food — mainly, because although I hear it’s good, I enjoy the cooking process. However, this item intrigued me, it was priced right, and I decided to take a chance. It was very well-seasoned and tender — so, once bought and tried, I bought it a second time and made this noodle bowl.

The depth of flavor in this dish belies the quick and easy preparation. Read More

Savory Spinach Salad with Bacon, Dates, Blue Cheese, Nuts and a Chocolate-Ginger Vinaigrette | A Creative Cooking Crew Challenge

Nova_7230January 13, 2016spinach saladWhen chocolate was announced as this month’s theme, I thought “not for me“. I’m a savory gal. But I hated to miss out on the challenge and the opportunity to shake up the pages of FOODalogue which have lain dormant for a month.

So, I played a game of “what if?” employing my usual methodology … whatever was on-hand. Read More